About Lee Chung-ah: Profile, Plastic Surgery, Drama List, Movies, and TV Shows

Awards and Nominations


Lee Chung-ah won awards during the 28th Golden Cinematography Awards (2005) and 42nd Grand Bell Awards (2005) for Best New Actress and  Temptation of Wolves and got nominated on KBS Drama Awards (2009) as Best New Actress of The Accidental and Jolly Widows.

Fun Facts About Lee Chung-ah

  1. Lee Chung-ah’s father is a musical theater actor.
  2. There was a rumor about her income net worth is above 3.3 million US Dollars.
  3. Lee Chung-ah is often said to have a similar look as 2NE1’s Sandara Park.
  4. Lee Chung-ah has a nickname, called Chun Chun.
  5. Lee Chung-ah likes to take selfies of herself.
  6. Lee Chung-ah thinks she was ugly back when she was still young.

Did Lee Chung-ah Get Plastic Surgery?

There is no official statement about Lee Chung-ah getting plastic surgery or not. The actress herself was popular since her teenage years and it is normal for teenagers to go through puberty and a lot of changes.  Certainly, she must have a different look from her younger age until becoming a mature adult. Here’s some pre-debut photos of Lee Chung-ah taken from an online site.  Let’s take a look at Lee Chung-ah’s timeline until the present!


Lee Chung-ah‘s Dating & Relationship

Lee Chung-ah was reported to be dating her co-worker from the past television drama she was cast in 2011, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. The lucky man is an actor, Lee Ki-woo.


Lee Ki-woo is an South Korean actor who was born on October 23rd, 1981. He has a 3 years gap than Lee Chung-ah making him the older of the two. Lee Ki-woo started his debut in acting when he appeared in the movie titled The Classic in 2003. For the previous few years, Lee Ki-woo was given a chance to play the role in a romantic-comedy television drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop in 2011 which became a huge success by evidence of high ratings and viewers which boosted his a popularity.


Lee Ki-woo met Lee Chung-ah on the set of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and he describes how he started dating Lee Chung-ah when he made an appearance on the tvN show, Taxi, aired on October 2015.


Lee Ki-woo revealed how the two lovers managed to start dating in the first place and how they first met while filming Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. They didn’t fell in love at the first sight, but they started their official dating in real life in 2013. The two remained to good friends to each other after filming the drama was over. The Lee couple both joined a celebrity ski team in 2013. The actor, Lee Ki-woo added more information on how their friendship become a love relationship. Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo were living in the same neighborhood and the actress was always the first to ask him to go hang out since they are living in the same neighborhood. At first he misinterpreted her meaning because he already started to have feelings for her, but actually at that time Lee Chung-ah was just being friendly with him and didn’t mean anything special with the offers. His feelings were finally revealed when Lee Ki-woo asked her to go out and things went well for them from then on. When Lee Ki-woo was being asked about marriage plans, he mentioned that he respect his girlfriend, Lee Chung-ah with her passion in entertainment industry as an actress. There are a lot of burdens both of him and his girlfriend due to their individual acting careers and schedules. Lee Chung-ah should be focusing on her acting career right now since she is talented, hard worker, and also a beautiful woman in Lee Ki-woo’s eyes, so he stated that he will make sure she will do well in her acting and career from now on.

On November 2015, Lee Chung-ah had to say goodbye to her boyfriend since all Korean males must complete two years of military service. 2015 became the time for Lee Ki-woo to enter his enlistment duties. The two years must be recruited without being able to see their family, relatives, or even their girlfriends. Therefore, that would become a tearful farewell just before they joined the military service.