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Variety Shows

  • 2016 – Battle Trip (as a Contestant with Seo Hyo-rim on ep. 27-30/aired on KBS2)

  • 2012 – Cats and Dogs (as a Host/aired on tvN), Music and Lyrics – Season 2 (paired with Seo Ji-seok/aired on MBC Music)


  • 2010 – The Fox’s Butler (as a Host/aired on MBC)

Lee Chung-ah’s 2018 Drama Spoiler

The Best Moment To Quit Your Job (회사를 관두는 최고의 순간)


The movie was directed and written based on the extremely popular webtoon of the same name published by COMICA. The story tells about the Korean slice-of-life series that explores the reality of four woman who are already good friends since college days. They are just starting their careers after graduating, but they are trying so hard to get a job that they truly want. The movie’s genre for this movie apart from romance, also shows fantasy and comedic scenes. The Best Moment To Quit Your Job tells the viewers the perspective of each main character by portraying relatable stories and real sentiments by many adults in the younger age faced with the reality and struggles of the working world. There are many topics that Korean television dramas often tend to avoid. For example in the original script, there was hinting that one of the girls was a lesbian. Some of the original scenes dared to show all the men in the story as losers. There was not a single male character to root for here; such as a clueless bosses, obnoxious co-worker, pushy or lying suitors, and a weak male family members who turned on their daughters. Even some of the scenes were so different than any movie in South Korea, so the viewers were expected to appreciate this movie with its quickly changing patriarchal societal norms. The tag line of the characters thoughts is how much they have to sacrifice today to pursuit tomorrow’s happiness and it becomes their quest to find themselves in the early days of the early years of their professions.

Lee Chung-ah  becomes one of the secondary characters and played as Sun-hee. She was cast as a superior of Yeon-ji (played by Go Won-hee) with an extremely bad temper yet is a lonely soul deep within.


Go Won-hee the first girl of the movie who starred as Yeon-ji played as a rookie designer working at a wet wipes factory who shares the frustrating reality of her work life with Sun-hee (played by Lee Chung-ah) as her superior. Yeon-ji left home after high school because she blamed herself for her younger brother becoming disabled after a taxi cab crash. The worst thing about this tragedy that happened in the past is that her father blamed her and refuses to spend money on college for her.  Due to this, she had to take out a large student loan to complete her schooling time. Yeon-ji had to tell her mother that she will not return back home even after she earned a fixed position in her company which was the main goal in her life. After struggles with several false starts, she finds a job as a computer assistant in a small company that operates a factory and concentrates in wet wipes.  The character often displeases Sun-hee (played by Lee Chung-ah) who is her snippy female boss, so she has to apologize a lot while she slowly builds her career.


Jei Kim was another character from The Best Moment To Quit Your Job who quits her well paying job to start a webtoon business and finds inspiration in dealing with her friends. She was cast for the character of Nam-hee and became Yeon-ji’s roommate who is also an aspiring webtoon artist who is full of joy, energy and optimism. There was also a highlight scene of her where an older married man who at first seemed to be friendly with her, suddenly makes a bold move to get physical with her causing her to burst into a fit of rage and naturally become extremely frightened.


Kim Ji-eun who played as Hyun-yi; had a chance at the character who is a teacher in her first job and has to compete with the arrogant fellow teacher; Dae-woon (played by Yoon Jong-hoon) who wants a physical relationship from her even though he is engaged to someone else. At first, she seems to have the wisdom to avoid his advances, but then eventually she fails to resist his offer and tell him that he must break up from his fiancée first. It probably made the viewers go crazy with weighing the ethics of such an act after seeing their scene together, but let’s watch the movie first to know what’s going on between them and get to know the decisions Hyun-yi will take later!


Jung Yeon-joo who took the role of Hye-young, a baker who dreams of having her own bakery. She is currently working a job as a baker in a small shop. She is even great with doing her job but her female boss is constantly yelling at her, indicating that she never seems to be happy for her existence. The script was hinting that the lesbian girl at the beginning was actually Hye-young. There was a scene in the bakery shop where they had hired a new female assistant. Soon enough the quiet Hye-young was suspected to being a lesbian when it became a little obvious that she developed personal romantic feelings to the new assistant. However, the new assistant had a boyfriend and he tries to sabotage Hye-young who is trying to confess her feelings to the girl. In fact, the remaining three girls who were her best friends, never knew or she just never confided the fact about her sexuality to them.