About Lee Bo-young: Profile, Marriage, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List

Lee Bo-young’s Awards and Achievements

Lee Bo Young

As her fame grew, so did the recognition from critics and people. Since she also showed such amazing acting every time she is on the screen, it is no wonder that she got some pretentious awards. The awards that she got so far are listed below:

  • 2005 SBS Drama Awards- New Star Award
  • 2005 KBS Drama Awards- Best New Actress
  • 2006 14th Chunsa Film Art Awards- Best New Actress
  • 2006 SBS Drama Awards- Top 10 Stars
  • 2007 3rd Andre Kim Best Star Awards- Female Star Award
  • 2009 4th Andre Kim Best Star Awards- Female Star Awards
  • 2011 MBC Drama Awards- Excellence Award
  • 2012 KBS Drama Awards- Excellence Award,                                                                                Best Couple Award with Lee Sang-yoon
  • 2013 6th Korea Drama Awards- Grand Prize (Daesang)
  • 2013 2nd APAN Star Awards- Top Excellence Award, Actress
  • 2013 26th Grimae Awards-Best Actress
  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards- Grand Prize (Daesang), Producers Award
  • 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards- Best Actress (TV)
  • 2017 SBS Drama Awards- Top Excellence Award

Lee Bo-young’s Marriage with Actor Ji-sung

Lee Bo Young & Ji Sung

Lee Bo-young and Ji-sung have been dating for 7 years, since 2007 and they finally tied the knot on September 27, 2013. The couple first met on the set of the drama Save Last Dance for Me (2004) and they confirmed their relationship 3 years later. Later, on August 2, 2013 they announced their engagement by uploading handwritten letters in their official fan sites.

Looking back, Lee Bo-young shared their love story. She said that after the drama ended, Ji-sung pursued her. But she actually rejected him at first, because he was a celebrity. “I didn’t like my husband at first, so I turned down his confession. I always thought that I couldn’t be with another celebrity, so I had a fantasy of being with an ordinary person more than a celebrity. Ji-sung asked me out for 3 months and I treated him really badly. I pushed him away, saying that I didn’t like him.

But she added that even though she treated him that way, Ji-sung didn’t give up and said that he was willing to quit acting in order to be with her. That was a shock to her, but also melted her heart at the same time. In the end, the two of them decided to date for a long time, and eventually decided to marry.

The proposal was in Spain, after they finished their photo shoot. At that time, Ji-sung suddenly came with a microphone and read her a letter, then sang her a song that she liked, Elton John’s Your Song. 

Aw, aren’t they the sweetest couple~they seem perfect for each other! As for the proof, take a look at their wedding photos!

lee bo young and ji sung
lee bo young ji sung
lee bo young ji sung

And more good news! On June 23, 2015, they had their first healthy baby girl named Kwang Ji Yoo! She stated, “I was able to give birth to our first healthy child thanks to all the encouragement and love. It was a long wait, but I am grateful for having a healthy labor. Thank you.”

Congratulations! Let’s hope for a happy family life forever for them!

Lee Bo-young’s Plastic Surgery

lee bo young plastic surgery

The rumor that Lee Bo-young got plastic surgery began spreading after some netizens found her past pictures on internet, which as you can see,  look very different than she is now.

The change that could be spotted right aways is her eyes and nose. It looks like she got her nose done, and double eyelid surgery as well. It’s not something new, because those 2 procedures are the most common procedures among Korean celebrities.

But if it’s true, the doctor sure got the job done very well, as they look so natural right now and she looks more beautiful than ever! So what do you think of her transformation? Do you think that she really got a plastic surgery for her eyes and nose?