About Korean Actor Lee Sung-jae: Profile, Wife, Daughter, Marriage, and Drama List

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lee sung jae

Lee Sung-jae is a 47 year old old South Korean actor. He first started acting in several TV soap operas, and finally made a movie debut with Art Museum by The Zoo. After that, he got more and more opportunities, and now he has risen to become one of the most popular actors in South Korea.

He is known as an honest, and sincere person, never late for shoot and always gets along well with the filming staff. He also is a very cheerful and silly guy while he is on set, and very kind to younger actors.

Lee Sung-jae’s Full Profile

lee sung jae

Name         : Lee Sung-jae (이성재)

Birthplace   : Seoul, South Korea

Birthdate    : August 23, 1970

Height       : 180 cm

Weight      : 72 kg

Education  : Dongguk University (Film major)

Star Sign  : Virgo

Blood Type: B

Hobby       : Swimming

Agency     : Koom Entertainment

Twitter     : koom91

Daum Cafe: lsj1004

Spouse    : Kim Jin-sook

Daughters: Lee In-yeong and Lee Chae-yeong

Lee Sung-jae’s Drama and Movies List

lee sung-jae

His first debut drama was The Love of Two Women. But not after Art Museum by The Zoo, did he get the attention he deserved as an actor. This movie was a the first door for him to gain fame and get on the path to receiving more roles. During his acting career, he has played many different types of characters, such as a thug, a dog-hating lecturer, a mountain climber, a ballroom dancer, and a lawyer.

Because of his image in the Art Museum by The Zoo, many critics said that he should play only romantic roles. He also thought that’s what he was best at. He admitted by said, “I may look like a tough guy, but actually I feel that gentle tender roles in romantic comedians are more suitable for me.”

But it turned out that he is capable of playing any roles, as he is now known as an actor of many faces. His comical romance acting in Warm and Cozy was hilarious and loved by many, his bad guy acting in The King’s Face made people hate his character, but love him at the same time.

Here are the list of his movies so far:

Year Title
1998 Art Museum by The Zoo
1999 Ghost in Love
Attack the Gas Station
2000 Barking Dogs Never Bite
2001 A Day
Kick the Moon
2002 Public Enemy
2004 Ice Rain
2005 Holiday
2006 Daisy
2007 The Mafia, The Salesman
2010 Dreams Come True
2018 Human, Space, Time and Human


And here are the list of his drama:

Year Title Role
1997 Yesterday Yoo Min-soo
1998 Lie Suh Joon-hee
2006 Stranger than Paradise No Yoon-jae
2008 Lawyers of The Great Republic of Korea Han Min Gook
2011 Poseidon Kwon Jung-ryool
2012 A Wife’s Credentials Kim Tae-oh
The Sons Yoo Hyun-ki
2013 Gu Family Book Jo Gwan-woong
The Suspicious Housekeeper Eun Sang-chul
2014 The King’s Face King Seonjo
2015 Warm and Cozy Song Jung-geun
2016 Don’t Dare to Dream Kim Rak
2018 Goodbye to Goodbye Han Sang-jin


Because of his talent, it is no surprise that he got recognized and even won an award. He has won several awards during his career, such as:

  • 1999 35th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actor
  • 1999 20th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best New Actor
  • 1999 36th Grand Bell Awards – Best New Actor
  • 1999 Film Critics Awards – Best New Actor
  • 2000 36th Baeksang Arts Awards – Popularity Award

Lee Sung-jae’s Family

lee sung-jae

He has married with Kim Jin-sook in 1996 and has two daughters named Lee In-Yeong and Lee Chae-Yeong. As for now, his daughters are studying abroad. On the episode of “Healing Camp”, he stated the reasons why he had to sent his daughters aboard.

After my oldest daughter started middle school, she didn’t fit in well. I think she tried to act tough since she was a daughter of a celebrity”, he said. “So she fell in the wrong crowd and even got involved in an assault case.” He added, “Once, I took her to church and we prayed until four in the morning. I didn’t know what to do.”

He confessed that he was confused at the time, but he knew that he had to make a best decision for his daughter, since his daughter is in a difficult situation. “She even run away from home and I had to go to Incheon to get her. She gave up on ballet which she had started when she was five. The situation made it impossible for her to go to school here. She didn’t want to do anything and just wanted to spend time at her friend’s house.”

But then he finally made up his mind, and for her to start anew, he thought that sending them abroad to study was the best decision he could give them. “I had faith in my daughters.