About Korean Actor Ko Chang-seok: Profile, Height, and Movie List

Ko Chang-seok

All About Actor Ko Chang-seok

Ko Chang-seok is a South Korean actor who began his career as a theater actor. Through that, he was able to appear in movies and dramas afterwards. Ko Chang-seok is still active in the entertainment industry, with his latest project being KBS2’s “Miracle that We Met” while other schedules will be announced later. Let’s get to know more about actor, Ko Chang-seok.

Ko Chang-seok: Full Profile and Facts

Ko Chang-seok profile


Real Name = Ko Chang-seok

Other Name = Ko Chang-suk

Birthday – October 13, 1970

Education = Seoul Institute of the Arts – Theater

Relationship Status = Married

Years Active = 2001 – Present

Agency = Blossom Entertainment


  1. He once earned his living by working on farms and in iron foundries.
  2. He is already married to a non-artist woman, Lee Jung-eun, and they already have children.
  3. His wife and his daughter played his character’s family in the period film in 2011 “The Showdown”.
  4. He is one of the busiest supporting actors in Korean cinema.
  5. He is a member of a small gathering, lead by BoA, with some of the members being SHINee’s Choi Minho and Son Hyun-joon.

List of Ko Chang-seok’s Movies

Ko Chang-seok movie

Ko Chang-seok began his acting career in the entertainment industry by making cameos in several movies before becoming a scene-stealer in Jang-hoon’s film, notably as the movie director in 2008 movie “Rough Cut” and 2010 movie “Secret Reunion” as a Vietnamese gang boss. Since then, he has become the busiest supporting actor in Korean cinema. Let’s learn about his movie appearances.

Ko Chang-seok Movies
Year English Title Korean Title Role
2001 Superman in Early Summer (short film) 이른 여름, 슈퍼맨 Superman
2004 The Last Wolf 마지막 늑대 Narrow Eyes
2005 Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 친절한 금자씨 Woo So-young’s husband
2006 Running Wild 야수 Gang member
The Host 괴물 Orderly 1 in isolation ward
Ice Bar 아이스케키 Cop 1
No Mercy for the Rude 예의없는 것들 Piano
2007 Soo Yakuza 1
Going by the Book 바르게 살자 Woo Jong-dae
2008 Rough Cut 영화는 영화다 Director Bong
Outing 소풍 Go Pil-joong
Antique 서양골동양과자점 앤티크 Gay club master
2009 Insadong Scandal 인사동 스캔들 Hojinsa, forgery factory president
The Case of Itaewon Homicide 이태원 살인사건 Alex’s father
City of Fathers 부산 – 父.山 Kim Kang-soo
2010 Secret Reunion 의형제 Vietnamese gang boss
A Barefoot Dream 맨발의 꿈 Park In-gi
Second Half 맛있는 인생 Sushi restaurant owner Mr. Ko – cameo
Hello Ghost 헬로우 고스트 Chain-smoking ghost
2011 The Showdown 혈투 Du-soo
My Black Mini Dress 마이 블랙 미니드레스 Director – cameo
The Front Line 고지전 Yang Hyo-sam
Quick Detective Seo
Mr. Idol Mr. 아이돌 Han Jong-tak
2012 Over My Dead Body 시체가 돌아왔다 Hwang Sung-koo
Miss Conspirator 미스 고 Detective So
The King of XXX – Kissing 아부의 왕 Sung-cheol
Dangerously Excited 나는 공무원이다 Music judge – cameo
The Grand Heist 바람과 함께 사라지다 Hong Seok-chang
Almost Che 강철대오: 구국의 철가방 Police officer Kim
2013 Secretly, Greatly 은밀하게 위대하게 Seo Sang-gu
The Spy: Undercover Operation 스파이 Department head Jin
The Face Reader 관상 His Excellency Choi – cameo
2014 The Huntresses 조선미녀 삼총사 Mu-myeong (“No Name”)
Tabloid Truth 찌라시: 위험한 소문 Baek Moon
Slow Video 슬로우 비디오 Doctor Seok
The Con Artists 기술자들 Goo-in
2016 Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River 봉이 김선달 Bo-won
2017 A Taxi Driver 택시운전사 Sang-goo’s father – special appearance
2018 Be With You 지금 만나러 갑니다 Hong-goo
TBA Broker 브로커 Go Gwang-soo
The Cyclist King 자전차왕 엄복동
I Want to Know Your Parents 니 부모 얼굴이 보고 싶다


List of Ko Chang-seok’s Dramas

Ko Chang-seok drama

Ko Chang-seok has been actively appearing in dramas since 2009. Until now, he has already starred in several famous dramas. Some of them are KBS2’s “Good Doctor” and MBC’s “Kill Me Heal Me”. Here is the list of his drama appearances.

Ko Chang-seok drama
Year English Title Korean Title Network Role
2009 Dream 드림 SBS Straw
2013 Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek 광고천재 이태백 KBS2 Ma Jin-ga
Monstar 몬스타 Mnet Judo master – cameo ep.5
Good Doctor 굿 닥터 KBS2 Jo Jung-mi
2014 The Night Watchman’s Journal 야경꾼일지 MBC Minister Ddoong
2015 Kill Me, Heal Me 킬미,힐미 Seok Ho-pil
2017 Hit the Top 최고의 한방 KBS2 Photographer – cameo ep.1
2018 Miracle That We Met 우리가 만난 기적 Song Hyun-chul (B)


List of Ko Chang-seok’s Plays

Ko Chang-seok theater play

Ko Chang-seok began his journey in theater. Although his first play and other plays before he become famous remain unknown, he was known as one of the most active actors in theater before earning his living through the entertainment industry. Here is the list of his plays until now.

Ko Chang-seok Play
Year English Title Korean Title Role Reprised
2003 Tale of Ungnyeo 웅녀 이야기
2006 Sachoom 사랑하면 춤을 춰라
2012 The Cherry Orchard 벚꽃동상
The Human Comedy 휴먼코미디
Woyzeck 보이첵 2013
Sachoom 사랑한다면 춤을 춰라
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 여름밤의 꿈
Godspell 가스펠
Dulpul 들풀
Jang Bogo, the Sea God 해상왕 장보고
Le Passe-Muraille 벽을 뚫는 남자 Prosecutor 2013, 2015-  2016
2014 Kinky Boots 킹키부츠 Don