About Korean Actor Kim Yoon-seok: Profile, Facts, Wife, and Movie List

Kim Yoon-seok’s Drama List

Although he is mostly known as a movie actor, he has also starred in a couple of dramas. Check out the list of all of his dramas below!

Drama City | 2004 – 2005


Drama City is a compilation of usually single episode short dramas which aired on the TV network KBS2. Each episode tells a different story, and the cast and creators change every week. Kim Yoon-seok was in the episodes entitled Anagram, playing Detective, Blue Skies in Jeju Island playing Kyung-soo, and Home Improvement Activity Log.

Loveholic (Reobeuheulreok) | 2005


The romance drama tells the story of a disobedient student named Kang-uk and his teacher, Yul-ju, set in a high school in Chuncheon. The drama started to air from 2 May until 21 June 2005 on TV network KB2. The 16 episodes drama was directed by Lee Gun-Joon and written by Lee Hyang-Hee. In this drama, Kim Yeon-seok was cast in only a minor role.

Rebirth (Buhwal) | 2005


This 24 episodes drama was aired on TV Network KBS2 from 1 June 1 until 18 August 2005. In this drama, Kim Yoon-seok also only plays a minor role. The story of the drama is about Seo Ha-Eun, who lost his father and got adopted by another person. Here, he eventually learns that he actually has a long lost twin brother. Not long after he met his twin, the twin was killed, and now he is plotting to take revenge on the culprit. The drama was directed by directors Park Chan-Hong and Jeon Chang-Keun also written by writers Kim Ji-Woo, Lee Shin-Seo.

Thank you My Life (Insaengiyeo Gomawoyo) | 2006


The drama tells the story of Han Yeon-kyung, who is a good mother to her two children and a good wife to her always-busy husband, a photojournalist, played by Kim Yoon-seok. One day, she met her first love, and found out that she has cancer. She is torn between leaving her husband or staying for the sake of her children. The drama aired on TV network KBS2 since 7 January 2006 until 26 March 2006 and was directed by director Kim Seong-Keun also written by writer Ko Jae-Hyun.

Love Me When You Can (Iteul ddae jalhae) | 2006


In this drama, Kim Yoon-sok plays as the co star. The drama is about a married couple who got a divorce because the husband cheated on his wife. In the drama, Kim Yoon-seok plays the cheating husband named Ha Dong-ku. This drama is mainly about the struggles that the wife faces. The 169 episode drama aired from 17 July 2006 until 9 March 2007 on the TV network MBC. The drama was directed by director Jang Kun-Su and Kim Woo-Sun also written by writer Seo Yeong-Myeong.