About Korean Actor Kim Yoon-seok: Profile, Facts, Wife, and Movie List


Kim Yoon-seok is a South Korean actor who is best known for his roles as a villain in gambling film Tazza: The High Rollers in 2006. Other than that he is also known for his outstanding performances in Running Turtle in 2009, The Yellow Sea in 2010, Punch in 2011, The Thieves in 2012, Hwayi: A Monster Boy in 2013, Sea Fog in 2014, The Classified File and The Priests in 2015 and also 1987: When the Day Comes in 2017. Want to know more about his movies? Or do you just want to know about him in general? Then just keep on reading!

Kim Yoon-seok’s Profile


The 50 year old actor was born on 21 January 1968 in Danyang County, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea. Before joining the South Korean entertainment industry, he had received his education at Dong-eui University studying German Language & Literature. Kim Yoon-seok was trained on stage as a member of the renowned Theater Yeonwoo Company (Yeonwoo Mudae), and later he made his acting debut in 1988 with A Streetcar Named Desire. After several years of performing in theater, he started to act in films and on television late in his career, at first appearing in minor roles.

Finally, in 2006, he made his breakthrough in Choi Dong-hoon’s Tazza: The High Rollers, where he got a lot of praise from the audiences for his role as the ruthless gambler Agwi (meaning “starving demon” in Buddhism). In the following year, he finally landed his first lead role in The Happy Life, playing the role of a middle-aged man who follows his lifelong dream to play in a rock band. Since then, his career has continued to rise as he keeps appearing on the big screen. Currently, he is planning to make his directorial debut with a family drama film entitled Underage. Currently, he is working under the talent agency Huayi Brothers, formerly known as Sim Entertainment.

Kim Yoon-seok’s Wife

There is not a lot of information about his private life. It is only known that he currently lives in Seoul with his little family that consists of his wife and his kids. He married his wife, actress Bang Joo-ran, in 2002, and now they have 2 daughters. Here is a picture of his wife!


Kim Yoon-seok’s Filmography

Check out the complete list of all his movies and dramas from 1994 until the most recent one!

Kim Yoon-seok’s Movie List

Year Title Role
1994 A Little Lover (Eolin yeon-in) Student at karaoke
2001 Kiss Me Much (Besame mucho) Bailiff 1
2002 Oollala Sisters  Sachae Quik
2004 The Big Swindle (Beomjweui jaeguseong) Detective Lee
To Catch a Virgin Ghost (Sisily 2km) Hak-gyu
2005 All for Love (Nae Saengae Kajang Areumdawun Iljuil) Dong-man
My Girl and I (Parangjuuibo) Biology teacher
2006 Running Wild (Yasoo) Joo Hyun-tae
Like a Virgin (Cheonhajangsa madonna) Oh Dong-ku’s father
Tazza: The High Rollers (Tajja) Agwi
2007 The Happy Life (Jeulgeowun Insaeng) Seong-wook
2008 The Chaser (Chugyeogja) Eom Joong-ho
2009 Running Turtle (Keobokyi Dalrinda) Jo Pil-seong
Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard Hwadam
2010 The Yellow Sea (Hwang Hae) Myun Jung-hak
2011 Punch (Won-Deuk Yi) Lee Dong-ju
2012 The Thieves (Dodookdeul) Macao Park
2013 South Bound (Namjjeukeuro Twieo) Choi Hae-gab
Hwayi: A Monster Boy (Hwayi: Gwoemuleul Samkin Ayi) Seok-tae
2014 Haemoo  Captain Cheol-joo
Tazza: The Hidden Card (Tajja: Shinui Son) Agwi
2015 C’est Si Bon (Sseshibong) Oh Geun-tae (40s)
The Classified File (Keukbisoosa) Gong Gil-yong
The Priests (Geomeun Sajedeul) Father Kim Bum-shin
2016 Will You Be There? (Dangshin Geogi Iteojoorraeyo) Han Soo-hyun (present day)
2017 The Fortress (Namhansanseong) Kim Sang-heon
1987: When the Day Comes Park Cheo-won
2018 Dark Figure of Crime (Amsusalin) Hyung-min