About Korean Actress Kim Yoon-hye: Profile, Weight, Diet, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List

Kim Yoon-hye’s Filmography

List of Kim Yoon-hye’s Movies

Since joining the entertainment industry in 2002, Kim Yoon-hye has starred in several movies playing various roles. Want to know which movies she has played a part in during her career? Then just keep on reading!

My Son (Ahdeul) | 2007


The movie is about Lee Gang-sik, who is serving a life sentence for robbery and murder. One day, he is granted to have one day release due to his good behavior, and he is so excited to use it to check up on his son who he has not seen for fifteen years, but sadly the feeling is not reciprocated. In the movie, Kim Yoon-hye plays the role of Mimi. This sad movie was released on 1 May 2007, and was directed and written by director Jang Jin.

Ghost Sweepers (Jeomjaengyideul) | 2012


This horror comedy movie was released on 3 October 2012 and was directed by director Shin Jung-Won and also written by writer Kwon Sung-Whee. The story of the movie is about a big exorcism in a village where only the top shamans could survive. In the end, only six people remain to investigate the dark secrets in the village and prepare for an epic battle. In the movie, Kim Yoon-hye takes the role of Seung-hee.

Steel Cold Winter (Sonyeo) | 2013


Finally, in 2013, Kim Yoon-hye landed her first lead role on the big screen. In this mystery/thriller romance movie, Kim Yoon-hye plays the role as Eun Hae-won, a girl who lives in a small town on a mountain with her mentally ill father. Sadly, the father is seen as a pariah by other residents. Things get interesting when there’s a newcomer in town from Seoul. The movie was released on 7 November 2013 and was directed by director Choi Jin-Seong also written by Choi Yoon-Jin and Choi Jin-Seong.

The Advocate: A Missing Body (Sungnan Byeonhos) | 2015


This crime action movie was released on 8 October 2015 in South Korea. The movie was directed by director Huh Jong-Ho and written by various writers Lee Kong-Joo, Choi Kwan-Young, and Huh Jong-Ho. The movie tells the story of Byeon Ho-Sung, a lawyer who takes on a murder case that doesn’t have any evidence or a body. He then teams up with a prosecutor, Jin Sun, to uncover a hidden scheme behind the murder case. In the movie, Kim Yoon-hye plays the role of Han Min-jeong.

Because I Love You (Saranghagi Ttaemoone) | 2017


This movie is about Lee Hyeong, who died in an accident, but afterwards, his spirit still roams around in the world, and so he starts to enter the bodies of people struggling with love. In the movie, Kim Yoon-hye plays the role of Kim Mal-hee. The romantic comedy movie was released on 4 January 2017, and was directed by director Ju Ji-Hong and written by writers Hwang Song-Jae, Yoo Young-A, and Ju Ji-Hong.

List of Kim Yoon-hye’s Dramas

Kim yoon-hye does not appear only on the big screen. Throughout her career, she has also starred in a number of drama series. Check out this list of all her drama series from 2010 until the most recent one!

Year Title Role Network
2010 My Mom! Super Mom! Kang Eun-ki KBS2
2011 Detectives in Trouble Lee So-min (guest, episodes 7-8) KBS2
Heartstrings Han Hee-joo MBC
2012 I Need a Fairy Cha Na-ra KBS2
2013 Flower Boys Next Door Yoon Seo-young tvN
Who Are You? Im Jung-eun (guest, episode 16) tvN
2016 The Vampire Detective Jung Yoo-Jin OCN
2017 My Sassy Girl Jung Da-yeon SBS

Kim Yoon-hye’s Music Video

Other than appearing in movies and drama series, Kim Yoon-hye has also starred in several music video. Here is the complete list of all of her music video appearance. Check them out!

Year Song Title Artist
2006 “Don’t Go, My Love” Lim Jeong-hee
“Sayonara” Lee Seung-chul
2007 “This Is Me” SAT
2009 “In a Pallid State” Gavy NJ
2010 “Bad Guy Good Girl” Sunny Side
“Women…Know” Ab Avenue
2011 “Echo” Kim Tae-woo
2015 Let’s Not Fall in Love Big Bang