About Kim Yoo-jung: Profile, Facts, Age, Sister, Plastic Surgery, Movies, etc



As a young actress, Kim Yoo-jung has a pretty perfect height of about 161 cm. While attending the SBS Drama Awards, Kim Yoo-jung arrived in a long pink dress that made her look very charming and very tall.

Does she not look beautiful?


She has tried an eclectic range of styles and looks including a sexy skater girl, looks inspired by Audrey Hepburn, and even settled down for a casual girl-next-door look in denim overalls. Appearing with shorts and showing her legs, Kim Yoo-jung looks so fresh.

What do you think? Which outfit makes Yoo-jung look taller?


yoojung sister

Kim Yoo-jung has a sister named Kim Yeon-Jung. Kim Yeon-Jung also looks as though she can be a celebrity herself. Slightly different from Kim Yoo-jung’s cute looks, her sister Kim Yeon-Jung exudes a bit more maturity. Their big and beautiful eyes say they’re indeed sisters.

Kim Yeon-Jung is making her debut as an actress through the web drama The Crush’s Omniscient Point of View. Park Sung Woo of Produce 101 Season 2 has also been cast in the web drama.


Even their faces look very similar, especially when they are smiling together. Don’t they look like twins? What do you think?



Kim Yoo-jung is the last of three children with her elder brother Kim Bu-Gun and her older sister Kim Yeon-Jung. Her father is Kim Sang-Pae and her mother is Mok Seon-Mi. Kim Yoo-jung was born into a well-off family.

yoojung siblings

Even her family loves Kim Yoo-jung’s closeness with Park Bo-Gum in the drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. While talking about their great chemistry, Kim Yoo Jung said, “My mom and sister were concerned and asked me if I really like Park Bo Gum.” She then expressed affection for his character, saying, “I think I really love Prince Lee Young. Lee Young is a person who is smart and wise. How can you not love someone like that?”

She also portrayed affection for Park Bo Gum, saying, “Because he’s such a warm person, Prince Lee Young seemed like Bo Gum oppa, and Bo Gum oppa seemed like Prince Lee Young at times. Not only when we were acting, but he was also caring and considerate off-screen. He’s a really good oppa.”