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Get Closer with Multi-talented Young Korean Actress Kim Yoo-jung

Kim Yoo-jung is a very famous young South Korean actress since she was 5 years old. In addition to her good acting skills, she also became a model and hosted a music show on SBS Inkigayo from November 2014 until April 2016. Kim Yoo-jung does have an amazing ability in the entertainment world. She debuted as a model and later became a young actress. From then on, everyone admitted that Kim Yoo-jung has excellent acting skills.

Throughout her career as a young actress, Kim Yoo-jung has been repeatedly asked to be a counterpart player or a young cast member. She twice backed up Han Hyo-Joo’s character and once became a younger version of Song Hye-Kyo, Han Ga-In, Moon Geun-Young, Uee, and many more. Because she was still too young, her parents do not allow her to date. But, many actors are rumored to be dating her, but she said she will have a special relationship when she is 25 years old. Let’s take a look at the full profile of Kim Yoo-jung!

Full Profile


Name: Kim Yoo Jung

Date of Birth: September 22, 1999

Age: 19 years old

Profession: Model, Host, Actress

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood Type: O

Zodiac: Virgo

Education: Daehwa Elementary School, Daesong Middle School

Hobbies: Shopping, Singing, and Listening to Music

Agency: SidusHQ

Fun Factsyoojung


Yoo-jung has been famous since she was 5 years old, and she had appeared in 13 TV serials and 15 movies by the time she was in the fifth grade. She received the Best Child Actress Award for her role in the action series Iljimae at the age of nine. Popularly known as Korea’s Little Sister, Kim Yoo-jung has grown up in the industry as a child artist to a youth icon. She has won a number of awards and has been active on social media with a large fan following. Still in her teens, Kim Yoo-jung has made her mark in the South Korean entertainment industry and has a bright future ahead of her.

Kim Yoo-jung won the Best Young Actress Award at the 16th SBS Drama Awards, 29th MBC Drama Awards, and 24th KBS Drama Awards from 2008 to 2010. Let’s look at some unique facts about Kim Yoo-jung!

  1. Kim Yoo-jung has lived a very public life due to her early celebrity status. She has been the brand ambassador for a number of social causes related to child welfare.
  2. She’s smart in her class.
  3. She loves to sing.
  4. She likes romantic movies.
  5. She loves volleyball.
  6. In addition to acting in dramas, Yoo-jung has also starred in several music videos, two of which are songs owned by BIGBANG’s Seungri and actor Lee Seung-Gi.
  7. Yoo-jung’s acting experience is complete because she also participated in stage theater in 2008, namely in the drama Chorus of Angels with the role of Lee Ha-neul.
  8. Yoo-jung idolizes BIGBANG’s T.O.P and calls him the ideal man. Uniquely, she was plotted to be T.O.P’s sister in the 2013 movie Commitment.
  9. As a very marketable young star, Yoo-jung has endorsed products dozens of times for major brands and is an ambassador for various programs and activities.
  10. Yoo-jung’s totality in the entertainment world is getting perfect as she has also modeled since 2004 and has several songs in her discography list like I Love So Much which was included in one of her drama’s OST’s, Love Cells.
  11. Yoo-jung is best known for her acting in the drama The Moon Embraces the Sun as the young Yeon-Woo.
  12. Yoo-jung took actor Lee Min-Ho’s first kiss in 1993 when they acted as lovers in the drama Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child. At that time, Yoo-jung was in fifth grade and Min-Ho was still in second grade.
  13. Yoo-jung has liked IKON’s Bobby because of his eye-smile since Bobby was still a trainee at YG Entertainment.
  14. Yoo-jung once sang A-PINK’s “Mr. Chu” complete with the dance to celebrate her new position as a permanent MC at SBS Inkigayo. And, it managed to make A-PINK members touched.
  15. Yoo-jung revealed that she wants to do a romantic drama or have a project alongside actor Yoo Seung-Ho.
  16. People accused BTS’s V as Kim Yoo-jung’s boyfriend because of pictures that both of them took in a public train. However, the rumors were not true and the two of them are not dating.