About Kim Sung-soo: Profile, Marriage, Wife, Daughter, and Movies

Variety Shows

  • 2009 – Star N the City: Kim Sung-soo in London (aired on XTM), Invicible Saturday: Invicible Baseball Team (aired on KBS2), Homme 1.0 (aired on XTM as MC)
  • 2010 – Win Win (aired on KBS2 as MC), Homme 2.0 (aired on XTM as MC), Lucky Strike 300 (aired on XTM as MC)
  • 2012 – Saturday Night Live Korea (aired on tvN as Host on ep. 7, January 4th, 2012), Noodle Myeongga (aired on Olive TV as MC)
  • 2013 – MasterChef Korea Celebrity (aired on Olive TV), Law of the Jungle in Carribean/Maya Jungle (aired on SBS)
  • 2014 – Law of the City in New York (aired on SBS)


  • 2009 – Mom, Do You Want To Go On A Trip?

Awards and Nominations


Kim Sung-soo has won awards and earned nominations, such as :

  • 2004 – SBS Drama Awards as the New Star Awards for ‘Stained Glass’
  • 2007 – Korean Model Awards as the Model Star Awards for Fashion Model category
  • 2008 – Jewelry Awards as the Ruby Awards
  • 2009 – Style Icon Awards as the Male Cyon New Chocolat Fashionista
  • 2010 – MBC Entertainment Awards as the Top Excellence Award & Actor In a SitCom/Comedy for ‘More Charming by the Day’
  • 2013 – SBS Entertainment Awards as the Popularity Award for ‘Law of the Jungle in Carribean/Maya Jungle’

Did Kim Sung-soo Get Plastic Surgery?


There is no official statement about whether or not Kim Sung-soo underwent plastic surgery. His appearance and looks still appear the same from time to time. He might not have changed his hairstyle for a while, but he grew a mustache and beard on some occasions to play particular roles in his acting career.

Kim Sung-soo’s ABS


Kim Sung-soo is known for his abs and for his masculine look among male celebrities and actors. He was praised for his appearance and being a good looking type, which made everyone amazed & made them melt, especially the female fans.

Kim Sung-soo’s Dating & Marriage


Actor Kim Sung-soo was reported to have gotten married to a woman in 2011. The woman used to be his girlfriend, and they have been in a relationship for 13 years. His wife is also 4 years younger than him. Kim Sung-soo met his girlfriend, who is reportedly known as Ms. A, before his debut and he continued to have a constant relationship with her before they finally made the decision together to get married.

Before he got married, Kim Sung-soo had already revealed his marriage plan to his wife, Ms. A, many times on talk shows. In 2008, Kim Sung-soo appeared on ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2’ and he said that he has a plan 2-3 years from now to marry his girlfriend, who has been in a relationship with him for 11 years. On another occasion, he also talked about his marriage plans on a variety show, broadcasted on tvN’s ‘Taxi’. He said, “During the 12 years I was in a relationship with Ms. A, I didn’t face any threat or problem between us.” Kim Sung-soo got married in 2011, but he didn’t give detailed information about the marriage date.

However, Kim Sung-soo’s company also didn’t give any explanation either about the actor’s marriage. The media was also unsure about the statement, since is the deal that Kim Sung-soo has decided to marry his girlfriend.


Kim Sung-soo hasn’t always chosen the most popular dramas or movies to act in, but from the viewers side we appreciate the hard work he has put in since the first day he made his debut, and how he has gone along in the entertainment industry. His characters are always highly praised, and he has gained a lot of fans following him. Let’s keep supporting him to continue his work and passion as an actor, and wait for his upcoming dramas and movies this year!