About Kim Sung-soo: Profile, Marriage, Wife, Daughter, and Movies


The Handsome Actor Kim Sung-soo

Kim Sung-soo is a South Korean actor who gained his popularity after his appearance on a highly rated Korean drama, Full House, and who became a hit along with other popular cast members of the drama, such as Song Hye-kyo and Rain. The actor himself, Kim Sung-soo, said that he can’t live without acting and he thinks that acting is his life’s destiny.

He made his debut at 25 years old and he always tries his best to work hard to become a great actor in every role and character he has played in dramas or movies. Even though he made his debut at a mature age and could’ve passed everything he did in his career, sometimes he would think that his acting skills weren’t good enough, and he would start to cry and blame himself for the hard times he went through.

The actor said that he developed to be a great actor since he was a part of the drama Full House, and he became more confident after the drama became the biggest hit when it was released. Kim Sung-soo has a motto for his life, “I seldom find any luck in my life, but I believe if I work hard I can get everything I want.”

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The ‘Full House’ Actor, Kim Sung-soo’s Profile


Real Name : Kim Sung-soo (김성수)

Profession : Actor & Television Host

Birth : South Korea, May 23rd, 1992

Zodiac : Gemini

Blood Type : B

Height : 185 cm

Weight : 77 kg

Talent Agency : Fantagio


  • 2011 – “As Time Goes By”

Music Videos

  • 2002 – Boohwal – “Never Ending Story”
  • 2005 – Youme – “추억은 시간이 지운다


Television Dramas

  • 1999 – Vectorman: Warriors of the Earth 2 (aired on KBS2)
  • 2004 – Say You Love Me (aired on MBC), Full House (aired on KBS2), Stained Glass (aired on SBS)
  • 2005 – Lawyers (aired on MBC)
  • 2006 – My Beloved Sister (aired on MBC)
  • 2007 – Cruel Love (aired on KBS2)
  • 2008 – My Precious You (aired on KBS2)
  • 2010 – More Charming by the Day (aired on MBC), The Slave Hunters (role as Cameo, aired on KBS2)
  • 2012 – Suspicious Family (aired on MBN), My Love, Madame Butterfly (aired on SBS)
  • 2013 – After School: Lucky or Not (role as Cameo on ep. 3, aired on Nater/BTV/T-store/Hoppin)
  • 2014 – Can We Fall In Love, Again? (aired on JTBC)
  • 2018 – Should We Kiss First (aired on SBS)


  • 1999 – Hero Vectorman: Counterattack of the Evil Empire
  • 2003 – The Sweet Sex and Love
  • 2005 – The Red Shoes
  • 2006 – Monopoly
  • 2008 – Hellcats
  • 2010 – California High Noon (short film)
  • 2012 – R2B: Return to Base
  • 2013 – Fasten Your Seatbelt (role as Cameo)
  • 2015 – The Black Hand