About Kim Su-ro: Profile, Wedding, Child, and Drama List

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All About Senior Actor Kim Su-ro

Kim Su-ro is a senior South Korean actor who debuted in 1993. He debuted with a minor role in the movie Two Cops and became well known as a scene-stealing supporting actor since then. He is not only well known as an actor but also as a producer, MC, and loving husband. Let’s get to know more about senior actor Kim Su-ro.


Kim Su-ro’s Full Profile and Facts

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Real Name: Kim Sang-joong

Birthday: May 7, 1970

Zodiac: Taurus

Origin: Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts, Dongguk University – Theater

Agency: SidusHQ, S.M. Culture & Contents

Years Active: 1993 – Present

Social Media: @Kim_soo_ro



  1. He joined Mokhwa Repertory Company after finishing his studies.
  2. His sister, Kim Sang-mi, is an actress.
  3. He was an acclaimed theater actor. He starred in and produced the popular stage shows Lee Gi-dong Gymnasium and The Lower Depths.
  4. In 2016, he left an angry post on his Instagram because of a hidden camera prank that made him return to Seoul from an overseas business trip.
  5. Despite his serious look, he’s actually a funny guy.
  6. He sent a video message to SBS’s We Got Married couple Yoon Se-ah and Julien Kang to congratulate them for their wedding. He said, “I don’t think I can congratulate you. How can you get married twice in one year?”. It seems that he was still in the role from the SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity which he and Yoon Se-ah were a drama couple.
  7. He became an ambassador for S.M. C&C Tour Express in 2014. He also contributed as a travel planner and tour guide.
  8. Kim Su-ro really likes meat. During an episode from SBS’s Family Outing, he showed an unexpected reaction to all the cast because of the meat. Here’s the funny clip.
  9. During SBS’s Family Outing, he made other cast members laugh by showing an epic Arabian dance.
  10. During MBC’s Oppa Thinking on August 14, 2017, he was having a thigh wrestling showdown with Tak Jae-hoon which was really impressive.
  11. He and Kim Min-jong are best friends. They co-produced a theater play together and established an acting academy together.

All About Kim Su-ro’s Wedding

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Kim Su-ro married his 13-year-long girlfriend Lee Kyung-hwa in 2006. Lee Kyung-hwa is a South Korean actress who is famous for her movie appearances. During their wedding, several artists came and wished them all the best. Some artists who came to their wedding were Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jong-kook, Jang Dong-gun, Jo Sung-mo, Lee Byung-hyun, Kim Jae-dong, Se7en, and Gong Yoo.

Does Kim Su-ro Have a Child?

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Although he has been married to actress Lee Kyung-hwa for 12 years, it seems that there isn’t any news regarding a child yet. Let’s hope that they will soon have a child in their marriage.