About Kim So-eun: Profile, Husband, Movies, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery

Who is Kim So-eun’s Husband?

soeun jaerim

As we know that Kim So-eun has not been married until now. Kim So-eun states that she will not marry or date until the age of 30. She had a virtual husband in 2014, Song Jae-rim for the variety show We Got Married. They are both popular and loved by netizens.

Because both are actors and actresses, it was easy for them to build good chemistry as a couple in general. Song Jae-rim was a very jealous husband type, and was not willing to let Kim So-eun talk or think about other men. Kim So-eun is also a very gentle and affectionate wife type.

Kim So-eun was rumored to be dating actor Son Ho-joon while she was still the virtual wife of Song Jae-rim. Kim So-eun immediately denied the rumors, and claimed that she was not dating Son Hon-Joon, even apologizing directly to Song Jae-rim for the rumor.

soeun jaerim

The insider stated, “Kim So-eun was shooting for an advertisement at the time, so she met to talk with Song Jae-rim personally after her schedule was over. Though the dating rumors had already been denied, she apologized and explained herself to Song Jae-rim as a scandal had erupted because of her.”

representative from We Got Married also stated, “Kim So-eun was apologetic that Song Jae-rim might have felt bad because of her, so she expressed how sorry she was and explained the truth about the dating rumors. Song Jae-rim sincerely comforted Kim So-eun, who had a hard day. He showed a dependable side as Kim So Eun’s oppa and husband.”

In addition, Song Jae-rim is also a very romantic type of husband and always has a surprise for Kim So-eun. Even Kim So-eun said, “Song Jae Rim is a man I have always dreamed of in my head. Even the small things, each and every one, are touching.”

After We Got Married finished and people asked about Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim’s relationship, she said that their relationship is going well as friends, and there is no special relationship between them. Even Song Jae-rim had cried on the last episode of them both in We Got Married.

They are both such a perfect couple is not it? Let’s support Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun as always!

Did Kim So-eun have Plastic Surgery?


Since appearing as a supporting cast member of the popular drama of 2009, Boys Over Flower, Kim So-eun has always been praised for her natural charm and beauty. Even every time Kim So-eun starred in a drama, a movie, or a variety show, her beauty was always a part of public conversation. Many believe that the beauty of Song Jae-rim’s virtual wife is natural since she was in school.


However, recently the charm and beauty of Kim So-eun’s face became a public conversation because of her nostrils. Kim So-eun is considered to have had plastic surgery on her nose, and it is considered a failure. At that time Kim So-eun starred in web drama alongside EXO’s Xiumin. When camera focus on Kim So-eun’s close-up face, netizens focused on how her nostrils are considered very weird and even disgusting.


Due to the form being considered weird and unusual, most netizens feel Kim So-eun has just done plastic surgery, but failed. Although many are defending, not a few also agree with the assumption that he did plastic surgery.

Well, what do you think? Is Kim So-eun right in plastic surgery?

Kim So-eun’s Latest News

1. Kim So-eun Joins Will Entertainment


Kim So-eun debuted as actress under Fantagio Entertainment, but recently Kim So-eun did not renew her contract at Fantagio Entertainment and decided to renew her contract with Will Entertainment in March 2018.

The representative of Will Entertaiment stated, “We are very happy to establish this valuable relationship once again with Kim So Eun, who always works hard and is consistently building her acting spectrum.”

The representation continued, “Not just a business relationship, but like a family, we are thankful for Kim So Eun’s deep trust and faith in us. It is hard to let her acting skills shine, rather than just carrying her title of an actress.

2. Kim So-eun Sings for Her New Drama


In 2018, Kim So-eun again starred in a drama with CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun. Both of them  acted as the main characters on this drama. The drama that they starred in was That Man Oh Soo.

In the drama this time, Kim So-eun contributed her voice to the OST of the drama That Man Oh Soo. OST Part 3 of the drama series titled Love, Love is a sweet love song containing a woman’s warm confession. Kim So-eun has her own character in singing, and making her fans melt with her soft voice.

Let’s listen to Kim So-eun’s song!