About Kim So-eun: Profile, Husband, Movies, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery


Get Closer to Song Jae-rim’s Virtual Wife, Kim So-eun

Kim So-eun’s name may become familiar as a South Korean actress. She began to be known when she starred on popular Korean drama, Boys Over Flower as part of the supporting cast. Before becoming a famous actress, Kim So-eun wanted to be a reliable skiing athlete. Since childhood Kim So-eun did like snow, and she was trained to become a skier. However, when she grew older she decided to become an actress.

Kim So-eun starred in the Korean TV Show We Got Married in 2014 as the virtual wife of Song Jae-rim. Many fans who supported their relationship becoming reality, and hoped that Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim will get married in real life, but Kim So-eun insists that their relationship was only as a virtual couple, and after We Got Married finished they became friends. Let’s look at the full profile of Kim So-eun!

Full Profile of Korean Actress Kim So-eun

Name : Kim So-eun

Date of Birth : September 6, 1989

Age : 29 years old

Profession : Model and Actress

Height : 163 cm

Weight :45 kg

Zodiac : Virgo

Blood Type : O

Religion : N/A

Education : Sutaek High School, Chung-Ang University (Theater and Film Major)

Entertainnment : Will Entertainment

Fun Facts about Kim So-eun:

  1. Her favourite color is Black.
  2. Pie and Apple Juice are her favourite snack and drink.
  3. She said she does not want to date until she is 30 years old.
  4. She does not want to date a very rich man.
  5. She watches a lot of movies.
  6. She likes skiing as a sport.
  7. She can speaks Mandarin and English.
  8. She loves EPIC Movie.
  9. She such a shy woman.
  10. She was a national skiing athlete before she started modeling.

Top 4 Kim So-eun Movie List:

1. The Show Must Go On (2007)


The Show Must Go On was the first film starring by Kim So-eun after her acting debut in 2007, in this film Kim So-eun played the lead role of Hee-Soo. The film was written by Han Jae-Rim, Lee Ji-Won and directed by Han Ja-Rim and was released on April 05, 2007 with a duration of 112 minutes. The making of this film was rumored to reach US $5,000,000.

The film is about Kang In-Goo (Song Kang-Ho) who is a mid-level member of a Korean criminal organization. With middle age creeping up on him, Kang In-Goo worries about his family. His wife (Park Ji-Young) is more restless about his job and his daughter, Hee-Soo (Kim So-eun), grows more distant everyday. Kang In-Goo plans to quit the mob and buy a large suburban home for his wife. Kang In-Goo needs to do one last big score to retire. Meanwhile, Kang In-Goo’s boss (Choi Il-Hwa) favors him over his own son (Yoon Je-Moon), which causes the son to lash out against Kang In-Goo.

2. Someone Behind You (2007)


Someone Behind You is a South Korean horror film written and directed by Oh Ki-Hwan and released on August 22, 2007 with 84 minutes duration. The making of this film is rumored to spend a budget of US $2,700,000. In this film Kim So-eun plays Kim Ga-Yeon, Yoon Jin-Seo as Kim Ga-In, Lee Ki-Woo as Park Hyun-Joong, and Park Ki-Woong as Hong Suk-MIn.

The film is about Ga-In who is a popular high school student. She then begins to witness the deaths of those close to her. Ga-In is then selected as the subject of a curse that has one person from each generation die at the hands of two people close to them. Ga-In searches for the truth with her boyfriend, medical student Park Hyun-Joong. There’s also Suk-Min, a boy who always seems to linger in the shadows.

3. Mourning Grave (2014)


Mourning Grave is Kim So-eun’s first film in which she plays the role of a female ghost. The film was written by Lee Jong-Ho and directed by Oh In-Chun and was released on July 3, 2014 with a duration of 90 minutes. The filming process took place at a high school in Hoengseong, Gangwon Province. In addition to starring Kim So-eun, the film also stars Kim Haneul as In-Soo as the main character.

This film is about In-Soo who has a special gift to see ghosts, and has become isolated from other students because of this. He transfers to a high school in a rural area outside of Seoul. There, In-Soo meets a female ghost at the high school, and forms a friendship with her.

4. Entangled (2014)


Entangled is a film written and directed by Lee Don-Ku which was released on November 6, 2014 with a duration of 94 minutes. In addition to starring Kim So-eun as Kkot-Ip, the film also stars Kim Young-Ae as Soon-Im, Do Ji-Won as Young-Hee, and Song Il-Kook as Sang-Ho.

This film is about a family of four who live happily together. The family consists of Soon-Im, her daughter Young-Hee, her son-in-law Sang-Ho and her younger daughter Kkot-Ip. A devastating tragedy soon shatters their happiness. Young-Hee and Sang-Ho decide to move out, with Soon-Im’s mental state worsening. Kkot-Ip must deal with a shattered home and even worse condition at school.