About Kim Shi-hoo: Profile, Girlfriend, Movies, TV Shows, and Plastic Surgery

Kim Shi-Hoo

Kim Shi-hoo’s Movies and TV Shows

Kim Shi-hoo is a South-Korean actor who played a role in many movies and TV shows. He had played a role in nine movies, such as Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, The City of Violence, A Bloody Area, A Ghost Story, Sunny, Steel Cold Winter, Veteran, and Eclipse. He also appeared in six dramas, such as Sharp 1, Formidable Rivals, The Secret of Coocoo Island, Love Rain, 12 Years Promise, and Sweet Temptation.

Kim Shi-hoo was nominated for Best New Actor at the 43rd Grand Bell Awards for Sympathy for Lady Vengeance in 2006, where he played a role of Geun-Shik. We can say that he is a good actor because it was his first movie, but he was nominated as Best New Actor. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance was also nominated in some of the award shows like the Korean Film Awards, the 43rd Grand Bell Awards, and many more. The movie won an award for Best Film at the Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2005.

Shi-Hoo’s face has been attracting our eyes since 2003 with his drama debut, Sharp 1. He played the role of Lee Soon-shin. He then continued his career as an actor, and starred in other movies and dramas. He got lots of attention when played a role on his first drama, Love Rain as Lee Dong Wook/Lee Sun-Ho. Many fans were attracted to his charming smile and good-looking face, even though he was just a second lead male in that drama.

love rain

The next year, he also got tons of attention for starring in Steel Cold Winter with Kim Yoon-Hye. It is a story is about a student named Yoon-Soo (Kim Shi-hoo) who made a trivial remark which turned into a vicious rumor that led his friend to commit suicide. Unable to bear the guilt, Yoon-soo attempts to kill himself. His family moves to a snow-covered village on a mountain called Ijeon-li. There, Yoon-soo can find peace, and becomes attracted to a girl name Hae-won, who lives alone with her mentally disabled father and is viewed as a pariah by the entire village, always being the center of the townfolk’s gossip. Yoon-soo offers sympathy and warmth to Hae-won, but he also becomes consumed by the brutal rumors surrounding Hae-won.


Shi-Hoo and Yoon-Hye have good chemistry in that movie. They also appeared in CeCi Magazine, and the resulting photos look sweet and romantic.

shi-hoo and yoon-hye

The last drama that he starred in was Sweet Temptation, where he appeared as Chae-Soo in episode 7-8. Shi-hoo’s latest movie is Eclipse, which tells the story of teen crime. Many fans have been waiting for an upcoming movie or drama, but there are still no rumors that Shi-Hoo will be staring a new movie or drama in near time.