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Kim Rae-won’s Controversy

On September 28th ,2011, Kim Rae-won was reported involved in a physical altercation with a waitress at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul where he drinks with employees from his previous agency Bless Entertainment. He denied about did a violence through fighting and he claimed that he only run into a verbal argument between the woman. The agency also gave a response about the controversy he had and later made a public apology regarding the incident and it was accepted by the netizen.

On November 2011, Kim Rae-won took his very first drama after discharge from military service. The drama A Thousand Days’ Promise got criticized because of his acting skill and caused controversy. The actor gave response and reacted to the controversy on his acting skill who played as Park Ji-hyung, he said that his acting is very good and it was mentioned by his manager that once into the role, it’s very difficult for him to disassociate himself.


However, about his acting as Park Ji-hyung, he caused controversy and been criticized for his acting skill. He fully understood the role and he spoke up saying that he did not make a mistake. Kim Rae-won also feeling the reaction surround him and also admitted that there are some weakness, but no great mistake. The writer and the actor himself played very well that he’s also got praised because of he’s clever as a fox.

On May 15th, 2017, Kim Rae-won came up getting criticized for taking a photo of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 scene at the movie theater. He took a photo showing the scene of the movie and posted it on his Instagram which is illegal and warned against before the movie start.


After the controversy and criticism from many side, the actor re-uploaded the picture instead to a screenshot from the movie trailer. However, the movie’s representative opened up to the media from Ilgan Sport that they have requested an official statement from Disney to figure out the details and will be checking if there is a legal problem.


Kim Rae-won’s label said that they apologize deeply for the actor’s mistaken upload of a photo of him watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 that caused controversy. He acknowledge that it’s wrong to upload a photo inside the theater from the screen for any reason. He’s reflecting on his actions and will be more careful in the future.

Kim Rae-won Dating Rumor & Experience

Kim Rae-won revealed in an interview in 2003 that he had many dating experiences. He’s not being serious in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend but once had loved a girl crazily. It happened when he was still 18 years old and his first love is an actress, he said that he met the beautiful girl and he was a shy boy back at the time. They had their first meet on a drama set and he believes that the girl also had a crush on him. The girl asked Kim Rae-won to go out for the first time and they continue to have a relationship for one and half year. Kim Rae-won said that when his first love was gone, the girl wrote a poem to him

Life is just like a long seat. Sometimes they have a sit for a moment and leave, sometimes they stay for a long time. I hope you’re not leaving my seat.”

The leading role from the popular drama Doctors himself also said that he drove his first love to get safely arrived at home. Kim Rae-won said that the girl lives in Bundang; which is a small town surrounded by rice fields, and he took her back at home using the subway every day for one and half year. It took 3 hours to get through all the way to the girl’s home.

After the long journey of his relationship, he let his first love to go out with another guy. It happened when the girl was at the college and Kim Rae-won was still on a senior high school and they were on the same bus when the girl received a message on her phone from another guy. Kim Rae-won asked about who’s the guy but the girl was scared and didn’t answer his question. They both ended their relationship after Kim Rae-won said that there must be so many guys asking her to go out since the girl is so pretty.

Kim Rae-won attempted a suicide after he decided to broke up with his first love and it was really hurt for him. It was a painful experience for him to feel such a broken heart from his first love. He said that fell from Han River on November and it was really cold that he tried to swim to the side of the river. It was a terrible moment in his life.

When he was 19 years old, he thought he couldn’t do anything about his life and now the time has passed, everything became a beautiful memory for him. He was thankful to the girl he fell in love crazily that first love is not a painful thing and it was a precious moment back when he was a teenager. The actor clarified about his statement that he didn’t have any recent feeling to the previous girl now and even the fans figured out who’s the girl he talked about, it happened a long time ago and if she heard about the news right now it probably wasn’t an important thing to her.

From the latest news, there is no updated issue about Kim Rae-won official dating or rumor. Kim Rae-won doesn’t have any relationship and not getting attached to anyone.

What Is Kim Rae-won Ideal Type?

The actor Kim Rae-won hasn’t spoken up about the ideal type to be his girlfriend but some moments were taken from an interview that he talked about what kind of woman who can steal his attention.

He wanted to marry a woman who is like his sister. He hates women who ask for expensive bags, and he likes to present the fruit of a Chinese quince (with good smell) to the ladies so that it smells good in her room or car. Also, if there’s a woman near him who loves bags just like his mother.

Who Is Kim Rae-won First Love?

After the clue and hint from Kim Rae-won’s first love story, fans concluded that his first love is actress Lee Yo-won!


The girl was one year older than him and lived near Ohri Station in Bundang. Lee Yo-won also lives in Seongnam, which is located near Ohri Station. The fans investigated the women who’s really a match to the hint and Lee Yo-won became one of the candidates after Kim Tae-hee and Bae Doo-na who’s having a relationship with Kim Rae-won. However, Lee Yo-won is the only one who fits the puzzle of a 1999 graduate.


Lee Yo-won is a famous actress in South Korea who’s well known for her role and great acting skilsl in popular drama series such as Queen Seon-deok (2009) and 49 Days (2011). Kim Rae-won and Lee Yo-won both appeared in the 1998 drama Scent of a Man and then in School 2 together. There’s no official statement between the actor and the actress about their previous relationship of whether they dated each other or not, but fans already assume that it’s a big possibility they had a special relationship back then when they were teenagers just like the love story Kim Rae-won revealed to the public.

That was all the information we can bring up to you about the handsome actor with a genuine smile, Kim Rae-won. He had already put his best and hard-work to be an actor and he went through the difficult progress to be a great and skilled actor. After the hard times during his debut, he finally reached his goal to be a popular actor and being praised for his acting skills. Kim Rae-won also became a great public figure and he didn’t cause any big scandals or controversies, and we hope for the best for his personal life and his career in the future, especially for his main job as a professional actor.