About Kim Rae-won: Profile, Wife, Family, Movies, TV Shows, Plastic Surgery, and Latest News

Fun Facts About Kim Rae-won

  1. Kim Rae-won played a role as a doctor in a television series, and the truth was revealed that he’s actually a genius in real life since his IQ is around 140.
  2. He has one younger sister, and his father’s name is Kim Nam-seob.
  3. His hometown is at Gangneung, located in the west area of South Korea. It’s near the sea, and when summer comes, it is crowded with a lot of visitors.
  4. He got the nickname ‘Smile’ because of his genuine and adorable smile.

  5. He earns a lot of money, but he never spends his money for women or for himself to buy clothes. He’s interested in cooking equipment, and he likes to see pots and dishes in department stores. A gas oven and kimchi fridge are the things he wants to buy the most right now because the ones he owns at home are too old.
  6. His ideal type is a woman with high intelligence and elegance to be his future wife.
  7. He said in an interview that his first kiss was when he was 18 years old.
  8. He really likes to do outdoor activities.
  9. His hobbies are fishing, basketball, and snowboarding.

  10. In Gourmet’s filming, Kim Rae-won showed that he’s a sincere Catholic, and he even added the term in his contract that he will take Sundays off to go to church.
  11. He has a lack of fashion sense. His fans gave up about his side profile when it comes to fashion. He once said that he doesn’t have any interest in clothes. He prefers warm padding wear, and if he finds a nice padding that he likes, he will buy 2 of them and change one with another.
  12. His father was a hockey player and a famous fishing expert. He regularly wrote columns for a monthly fishing magazine.
  13. Kim Rae-won inherited his tall, healthy, and fit body alongside his hobby for fishing from his father.
  14. He appeared on the cover of a monthly fishing magazine with his father back when he was still a kid.
  15. He received artistic talent from his mother since his mother was an artist and she ran the art institute for a long period. He used to play with art utilities at his mother’s institute such as pens, brushes, and paints.
  16. Before debuting as an actor, he dreamed to be a professional basketball player back when he was still a kid.
  17. He received a fracture on his ankle back when he was still younger, so he can’t reach his dream to be a basketball player.
  18. He made his debut as an actor when he was 16 years old and played in a teenage drama series, titled Me in 1997.
  19. He’s known as the best basketball player in middle school. He got casted by the director of a commercial film because he’s a skilled basketball player and he was chosen to be the main model for the commercial film before he debuted as an actor in 1997.
  20. He gets along really well with senior actors who likes fishing such as actor Han Seok-gyu. They both used to stay in the same place for about 2 weeks.
  21. In the middle of his progress to be an actor, he experienced such hard and disappointing moments. He once applied a movie audition and got the highest score among all the applicants for the main and supporting roles, Kim Rae-won was casted as the leading role and he studied the script for 2 months. After 2 weeks before the filming started, his position as the lead role was switched to another actor. Kim Rae-won was disappointed and mad so he decided to quit on his acting career to be an actor and go far away to go fishing. Unfortunately, he was caught by the managers and they send him back to Seoul.
  22. He loves his sister so much that he gave his credit card for his sister to buy things for her new house after his sister got married. He also paid all expenses for his sisters when she studied in the U.S. for 5 years. He hates spending money on women, but he pours everything to his sister unconditionally and he said that he wants to marry a woman like his sister.
  23. Not a long time after the incident, Kim Rae-won got rejected again at the last step in another movie. He was a cast for the drama Delicious Proposal (2001) and got replaced after filmed 2 episodes.
  24. Kim Rae-won’s parents said that they wouldn’t allow him to continue his job as an actor if he didn’t go to the university. He said that studying was easier than acting so he managed to study hard and went to Joong Ang University to major in acting.
  25. Many people assumed that he was born into a rich family, but he denied the news on a talk show in 2013. Even though the news was not true, Kim Rae-won got an inheritance from his grandmother for a large amount of money and a unit of apartments when he was still in high school.
  26. His first love is a woman actress who’s a year older than him.
  27. In the middle of Gangnam 1970’s filming, he put everything to his role and he stayed in the local city. He never came back to his home in Seoul even there’s no filming or schedule because he was worried that he might forget the character’s poor and urgent mental state.

  28. He once gained weight up to 15 kg after filming and promote his movie titled My Little Hero (2013) in America. He revealed on SBS Healing Camp that a picture of him look big and the reason why he gained weight because he keeps eating a lot of hamburgers. He also made excuses during interviews that it’s a problem in an actor doesn’t know how to take care of his body while filming, but he said that he was done with the movie. He gained weight to show his inner beauty more than his looks and an actor should take care of himself. He lost 4 kg to appeared on SBS ‘Healing Camp’.


Did Kim Rae-won Get Plastic Surgery?

There is no official news or statement about the actor getting through the plastic surgery. His visual and facial features look pretty much steady and the same from time to time. It looks like he has a different hairstyle and his body figure still can be recognized as a manly actor with masculine body type, he’s also mentioned that he looks more bloated after his promotion film in America on 2013 so he came back with gained weight and it makes him look bigger than usual. Here’s the comparison between Kim Rae-won looks from his debut era until now.

Kim Rae-won in younger age (debut era)
Kim Rae-won in older age (present/now)

Kim Rae-won’s Military Service


The lovable and well-known actor Kim Rae-won entered the military service in August 2009. He has been contemplating whether the right time for him to go do military service in the middle of his acting career. Kim Rae-won discharges from the military in August 2011 and he has personally experienced the army. He accepted to become the role for SBS Television Series A Thousand Days’ Promise right after he has been discharged, but unfortunately, the viewers’ response is not great. He’s at a loss due to doubt on his acting and a person related to the production company revealed that the actor didn’t stand in front of the camera for too long and he kind of forgetting how to act well. Before joining the army, his appearance was fresh and has captivated many viewers for his domineering acting, but after joining the army and he managed to come back as an actor, his image has become of an “uncle” and he was unable to capture the hearts of female viewers.