About Kim Kang-woo: Profile, Movie List, and Wedding


For those of you who have seen many South Korean dramas and movies, you might be familiar with Kim Kang-woo, as he has appeared so many times on the big screen as well as the TV screen. Would you like to know more about this Cancerian? Then just keep on scrolling down!

Kim Kang-woo’s Profile


Kim Kang-woo is a South Korean actor who is best known for his roles in The Taste of Money and also Missing Noir M. He was born on July 11, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. Before debuting as an actor, he received his education at Chung-Ang University, majoring in Theater and Film major. Currently, he works under the talent agency King Entertainment. Now, he is already happily married to Han Moo Young, and they have one son.

This 40-year-old actor started his career in the entertainment industry, playing a role as a soldier in Kim Ki-duk’s 2002 film The Coast Guard while still a senior. He later commented that the role of a soldier was the only one he could get without any prior experience. Later, he started to play in South Korean drama series too, playing consecutive roles in Breathless and Three Leafed Clover. These roles eventually gained him the nickname “Mr. Right”, as he became known for his portrayal of honest and reliable characters. Finally in 2005, he landed his first lead film role in Jeong Jae-eun’s 2005 sophomore feature The Aggressives, a film about youth’s life.

In 2007, he made another breakthrough when he starred in Park Heung-sik’s The Railroad, which told the story of two strangers who reveal their inner pain to each other when they are stranded at the last railway station before the Korean Demilitarized Zone. At first the film was only released in ten theaters, and Kang-woo was not pleased with that. What he did next was, he went to screenings by himself hoping to promote the film, there he greeted and conversed with members of the audience. Although the movie did not succeed in the box office, The Railroad found favor with critics, and Kim won the “Best Actor” award at the 25th Torino Film Festival. This, of course, boosted his acting career, but he also feel burdened by the increased expectations people would have over his future performances.

Since then, his career has continued improving, and he has kept appearing not just on the big screen but also in South Korean drama series, playing not just minor roles but also =lead roles. Before he joined the talent agency King Entertainment, he was in managed by the agency Namoo Actors. But in August 2014, he left that agency and decided to join C-JeS Entertainment. Later in August 2017, Kim Kang-woo’s contract with the C-JeS Entertainment expired, and he signed a contract with King Entertainment and continues to be active in the Korean entertainment industry up until now.

Kim Kang-woo’s Wedding

Sadly this handsome actor is already off the market! On 18 June 2010, Kim Kang-woo finally officially tied the knot with Han Mu-young, who is apparently the sister of actress Han Hye-jin, at the Myungdong Cathedral after dating for 7 long years. The pair had met back in 2003 through a mutual acquaintance, and got along very well since the beginning. The wedding was private, as Kim Kang-woo’s management agency stated, “No MC nor invited official was present at the ceremony because it was a Catholic wedding made official by a priest.”
In the following year, their little family grew as their first daughter born. According to netizens’ comment, the girl looks like Han Hye-jin. Well below here is the photo of Kim Kang-woo’s wife and daughter, do you agree that the baby looks like Han Hye-jin?

List of Kim Kang-woo’s Movies

Since his debut, Kim Kang-woo has made plenty of movies. Here is the complete list of all of his movies from 2002 until the most recent one along with the roles too. Check these out!

Year Title Role
2018 High Society (Sangryusahwe) Baek Gwang-Hyun
The Vanished (Sarajin Bam) Park Jin-Han
2015 The Treacherous (Ganshin)  Prince Yeonsan
2014 Cart (Kateu) Dong-Joon
Tabloid Truth (Zzirashi: Wihumhan Somoon) Manager Woo-Gon
2013 Marriage Blue (Gyeolhonjeonya)  Tae-Kyu
Mr. Go baseball team director
In My End is My Beginning (Kkeutkwa Sijak) Jung-Ha’s younger brother (cameo)
The Gifted Hands (Saikometeuri) Detective Yang Choon-Dong
2012 Black Dawn (Gaiji Keisatsu)  Ahn Min-Chul
The Taste of Money (Donui Mat) Joo Young-Jak
Doomsday Book (Inlyumyeolmangbogoseo) Robot repair man Park Do-Won (segment “Creation of Heaven”)
2010 A Better Tomorrow (Mujeokja) Kim Chul
2009 HaHaHa Kang Jung-Ho
Five Senses of Eros (Ogamdo) Kang Hyun-Woo (segment “I’m Here” / “In My End is My Beginning”)
Marine Boy (Marinboi) Cheon-Su
2008 Hello Schoolgirl (Sunjeong Manhwa) Kyu-Cheol (Ha-Kyung’s ex-boyfriend)
2007 Rainbow Eyes (Gamyeon) Cho Kyeong-Yoon
Le Grand Chef (Sikgaek) Sung-Chan
The Railroad (Gyeong-ui-seon) Man-Soo
2005 The Beast and the Beauty (Yasuwa Minyeo)  Tak Jun-Ha
The Aggressives (Taepungtaeyang) Moggy
2004 Springtime (Ggotpineun bomi omyeon) Ju-Ho
2003 Silmido  Min-Ho
2002 The Coast Guard (Hae anseon) Private Jo