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List of the Top Jung Il-Woo Dramas and TV Shows

1. High Kick! (2006)

high kick

High Kick! was Jung Il-Woo’s first drama debut as an actor.  Jung Il-Woo, along with his best friend Lee Min-Ho, starred in this drama. The drama is aired by MBC with a total of 167 episodes. In addition to Jung Il-Woo who plays Lee Yoon-Ho, the drama also stars Kim Beom, Lee Min-Yong, and Park Min-Young.

This drama tells about Lee Yoon-ho, a motorcycle maniac who engages in high kick, and Lee Min-ho, who enjoys spending time on the scale of models and web blogs, are brothers born a year apart but attending the same class at school. These two portray completely opposite Korean teenage characters in a comical way. And of course, there is the rest of the family.

2. 49 Days (2011)

49 days

Jung Il-Woo’s name was on the rise while he was starring in 49 Days dramas along with Bae Soo-Bin, Seo Ji-Hye, Lee Yo-Won, Nam Gyu-Ri, and Jo Hyun-Jae. The drama was aired by SBS, written by So Hyeon-Kyeong, and directed by Jo Young-Gwang, Park Yong-Soon.

This drama tells the story of Ji-Hyun’s, played by Nam Gyu-Ri, whose life seems to be a perfect storybook. Her parents adore her and her friends all seem to admire her. Ji-Hyun is also engaged and set to marry her fiance Min-Ho, played by Bae Soo-Bin in just a few days. Meanwhile, Lee-Kyung, played by Lee Yo-Won is a woman who is completely distraught over her life and frequently contemplates suicide. She works the night shift at a convenience store, while sleeping in the afternoons.

Moments later, Ji-Hyun walks out of her car in a daze. She is shocked to see herself being carted into an ambulance. The only person who seems to notice her standing in the road is a man on a motorcycle. The man on the motorcycle is the Scheduler, played by Jung Il-Woo.

3. Golden Rainbow (2013)

Golden Rainbow

Golden Rainbow (Korean: 황금 무지개; RR: Hwanggeum Mujigae) is a 2013 South Korean television drama series starring Uee, Jung Il-woo, Cha Ye-ryun and Lee Jae-yoon. It aired on MBC from November 2, 2013 to March 30, 2014 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:55 for 41 episodes.

Adopted and raised by the same father, seven orphans grew up together as a family in a town near the ocean. With the bond between them even stronger than that of blood-related siblings, they experience hardships together and struggle to succeed in the marine products industry. It mainly revolves around a girl who was kept away from her mother by her father’s mother. The mother asks her long time friend to steal her back. So he did. He got caught and went to prison for 6 years. The girl is back with the grandmother but 6 years later at an amusement park, she is kidnapped. She later on escapes and finds home with a boy and his grandmother. The grandmother later on dies and the longtime friend that stole her back the first time finds them trying to steal fish but keeps them as his own kids. He adds on 5 more kids later after them.

4. Cinderella and Four Knight (2016)

cinderella and four knights

The drama became a fairly popular drama in 2016. In addition to starring Jung Il-Woo, this drama also stars Park So-Dam, Ahn Jae-Hyeon, Lee Jung-Shin, and Son Na-Eun. Jung Il-Woo plays like Kang Ji-Woon. This drama was aired by tvN with a total of 16 episodes.

The drama is about Eun Ha-Won is in the third year of high school. She hopes to become a teacher who died in a car accident. Ha-Won has a bright personality and a strong set of morals, but she is unhappy at home. She’s unattached to her father, step-mother, and step-sister, and also mistreated. Ha-Won works various part-time jobs to pay for her upcoming university tuition fees. She knows she needs to make more money to pay for her mother’s ashes at the cemetery. Her mother had been removed because of unpaid bills.

Meanwhile, Ji-Woon, Hyun-Min, and Seo-Woo are spoiled cousins ​​who live together in the Sky House mansion. With their different personalities – Hyun-Min is a playboy and Seo-Woo is a musician – they do not like each other at all. Additionally, Ji-Woon likes Hye-Ji who likes Hyun-Min.

5. High-End Crush (2018)

high end crush

In 2018, Jung Il-Woo returns to play drama with the title High-End Crush along with Jin Se-Yun. The drama was recently aired by MBN, written by Shin Yoo-Dam, and directed by Ji Yeong-Su. Jung Il-Woo plays Choi Se-hoon.

The drama tells the story of Choi Se-hoon, who is the CEO of a management company. He does an excellent job at his work, and he is very handsome. Choi Se-Hoon is also arrogant. Yoo Yi-Ryeong has lived in the mountains alone, ever since her grandfather died. She does not have a desire for success or money. She is beautiful. One day, she comes to the city. She gets involved with Choi Se-Hoon due to Min-Joo’s top idol. Choi Se-Hoon wants to make a contract with Yoo Yi-Ryeong, but she turns him down. Even though Yoo Yi-Ryeong turns down his offer, Choi Se-Hoon does not give up. He is attracted to her.

6. Haechi (2019)


Haechi (Korean: 해치; Hanja: 獬豸; RR: Haechi) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Jung Il-woo, Go Ara, Kwon Yul and Park Hoon. Produced by Kim Jong-hak Production, it aired on SBS’s Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 (KST) from February 11 to April 30, 2019.

Set during the Joseon Dynasty period, the series follows four people from different walks of life who came together to help Yi Geum, Prince Yeoning (later King Yeongjo) claim the throne and reform the Saheonbu. The four people are Lee Geum (Jung Il-Woo), Yeo-Ji (Go Ara), Park Moon-Soo (Kwon Yool) and Dal-Moon (Park Hoon).

Lee Geum is a prince, but, even though he is smart, he is not recognized as a prince due to his mother being born in the lowest class.

Yeo-Ji is damo at the Saheonbu. She investigates cases enthusiastically. She has a talent for the martial arts and foreign languages. Yeo-Ji is the best investigator at the Saheonbu including the male investigators.

Park Moon-Soo has been preparing for his exam to become a public officer. He is not very smart and has difficulty with the exam, but he is honest and tender to other people.

Dal-Moon is a famous clown. He is good at martial arts.

7. Sweet Munchies (2020)

Sweet Munchies

Sweet Munchies (Korean: 야식남녀; Hanja: 夜食男女; RR: Yashiknamnyeo; lit. Late-Night Snack Man and Woman) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Jung Il-woo, Kang Ji-young and Lee Hak-joo. It aired on JTBC from May 25 to June 30, 2020.

Park Jin-sung (Jung Il-woo), a chef who works at a late-night snack restaurant, is struggling to find money to pay for his father’s medical bills. When Kim Ah-jin (Kang Ji-young), a television assistant director who is one of his regular clients, asks him if he knows a gay chef who could star in her cooking program, he decides to lie about his sexual orientation and gets the part. Both become involved with fashion designer Kang Tae-wan (Lee Hak-joo) who seems to hide a secret of his own.

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