About Jung Il-woo: Profile, Wife, Plastic Surgery, Age, Religion, and TV Shows


Get Closer to Korean Actor and Model, Jung Il-woo

Jung Il-woo is one of the famous actors in South Korea, who is a friend of the famous actor, Lee Min-ho. Before becoming an actor, he was once a model for fashion magazine, and debuted in 2006. Jung Il-woo was close friends with Lee Min-ho, in 2006, they were in an accident and they suffered severe injuries.

Jung Il-woo’s name rose to prominence when he starred in a drama entitled Cinderella and Four Knights. He is also a very talented actor. In 2007 he won Best Actor in a Music Video at the 9th Mnet KM Music Festival which was his first win, and in 2015 he won the Most Celebrated Actor in the Asia Influence Eastern Awards. Now, let’s take a look at the full profile of Jung Il-Woo!

Full Profile of Korean Actor and Model, Jung Il-woo

  • Name : Jung Il Woo
  • Date of Birth : September 9, 1987
  • Age : 35 (Korean Age); 34 (International Age)
  • Profession : Actor and Model
  • Height : 184 cm (6′)
  • Weight : 64 kg (141 lbs)
  • Blood Type : O
  • Zodiac : Virgo
  • Religion : Catholic
  • Hobbies : Movie critiquing and online shopping
  • Education : Hanyang University (Theater and Film Department)
  • Agency : HB Entertainment

Fun Facts About Jung Il-woo

  1. He went to the Seoul Institute of the Arts to study broadcasting, but he soon realized his love for acting, and transferred to the Theatre and Film Department of Hanyang University.
  2. In 2006, he made his acting debut in the movie The World of Science. He later became a teen heartthrob when he debuted on the small screen on the family sitcom Unstoppable High Kick.
  3. He has a sister who is 5 years older than him named Jung Ji Sung.
  4. His favourite artist is Jun Ji-Hyun.
  5. His favourite girl band is 2NE1.
  6. He has a dog named Ah Woo. The dog was a gift from his fans.
  7. He was an alcoholic.
  8. Jung Il Woo has been friends with Lee Min Ho since childhood.
  9. Jung il woo is nicknamed noona killer by netizens.
  10. In the romantic comedy Flower Boy Ramyun Shop he played an arrogant man. His lead role in the 2011 movie earned him a large following of female fan.
  11. He is the son of former television news anchorman, Jung Hae Hoon.
  12. In 2012, he was named Asia’s Actor of the Year at the Huading Awards the first non-Chinese actor to do so.
  13. In November of 2016, he was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. This would have exempted him from his mandatory military service, but he still enlisted in December 2016 and was discharged on November 30, 2018.
  14. He was awarded the MBC Excellence Award for his role as Prince Yang Myung in The Moon That Embraces the Sun which became one of the top 50 Korean Dramas.
  15. Jung Il Woo Ideal Type: He said his heart is open to dating someone if they are a good person.

Has Jung Il-woo Had Plastic Surgery?

Jung Il-woo has been rumored by netizens of having plastic surgery. In Korea, plastic surgery is a common thing for anyone, whether female or male, artist or not artist. Actor Jung Il-woo has not given any statements related to rumors of plastic surgery.

His fans also provided evidence that this idol has not undergone surgery. Photos from Jung Il-woo’s school days have been widespread on the Internet. Netizens who saw school photos of Jung Il-Woo were convinced that he had not had any plastic surgery done.  His face and shape are the same then and now.

Let’s look at the changes of Jung Il-woo!

Jung Il-Woo Before Plastic Surgery


Jung Il-woo After Plastic Surgery


What do you think? Did Jung Il-Woo have plastic surgery?

Jung Il-woo’s Girlfriend and Dating Rumor

Already 15 years into his career in the world of entertainment, there has, of course, been a lot of news about Jung Il-Woo, including in the romance department. Many artists are rumored to be lovers of Jung Il-Woo, like Sandara Park and IU. For more detailed information, here are Jung Il-woo’s girfriend and dating rumor.

Jung Il-Woo and Sandara Park


Many netizens concluded that Jung Il-Woo and Sandara Park have a special relationship, and some people even say that they are dating. However, Jung Il-Woo immediately made a statement and denied it. Jung Il-woo stated in an interview that he has been friends with Sandara Park for 6 years.

This relationship takes place in a TV drama called Return of Iljimae. They say in the media that they are just friends. But then he said “I do not want to talk much about her, I’ll just listen and also give her advice”.

Jung Il-Woo and Lee Ji-Eun (IU)


There is also news that Jung Il-Woo had a special affinity for IU. However, the representatives of both stated that they were just good friends who support each other. In an interview, Jung Il-Woo said that he likes IU.

On an SBS show, he said that his dream girl is someone with nice eyes & someone who makes him feel comfortable.

Jung Woo, Kim Yoo-Mi, and Kim Jin


Reports stated that Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi have been dating for over a year and were planning to wedding next year, the couple acknowledged their dating status but denied the length of their relationship and their marriage plans. After the confirmation, Kim Jin‘s ex-girlfriend did not seem too happy about the situation.

Jung Woo’s agency reps spoke with Newsen and said, “Jung Woo and Kim Yoo-Mi are dating. A certain news agency reported that they dated for about a year, but that’s not true. They developed feelings for each other while filming ‘Red Family’ and it’s been about three months since they started dating. “

The rep continued, “They are dating, but the plans to marry are not true either. Nothing has been confirmed about the marriage plans so please do not misunderstand. We hope that the people will see Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi’s relationship in a favorable way.”

However, Jung Woo‘s ex-girlfriend, Kim Jin does not seem happy with the news. Apparently, Jung Woo and Kim Jin have been dating for over two years. However, Jung Woo quickly denied those claims, stating that they broke up a year ago.

Then, after reports of Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi hit the media, Kim Jin posted on her SNS account, “You should have blocked the reports about me. Look how you made me look when all I did was just stay still. You’re a delinquent and a two-timer. This really is not right. We were going to get married but you just broke up with me one-sidedly, driving a nail into my mother’s heart as well. It seems like you are finally gaining recognition these days so I was going to be loyal to the end but, you really have no loyalty or manners at all.”

She said, “It’s been exactly one year since we broke up. It’s not just a light relationship but a serious one. Both of our parents granted us permission to get married. “

“Because I had discovered his situation at home and how hard he worked for all this time, I stayed quiet even when the dating rumors emerged. I thought, ‘Even if I can not wish them happiness, I should not care if he is dating Kim Yoo Mi have stopped the reports of him and keep things clean. That’s why I posted that on my SNS account,” she confessed.

Actually, Jung Il-woo and Jung Woo are a different person, but because of the similarity of their name, people are often mistake them as the same person, just like in this case. In this case, the dating rumor was talking about Jung Woo, the other actor and not Jung Il-woo.

How do you think about this?