About Jung Eun-chae: Profile, Boyfriend, and Movies

3. The Fatal Encounter (2014)


The Fatal Encounter is a film written by Choi Sung-Hyun and directed by Lee Jae-Kyu, which was released on April 30, 2014. In this film, Jung Eun-Chae plays Wol-Hye. The film also stars Hyun-Bin, Jung Jae-Young, Cho Jung-seok, and Han Ji-Min.

This film tells about King Jeongjo, who has been in power for only one year. He has already gone through several failed assassination attempts on his life, and his hold on power is fragile at best. He trusts only his eunuch named Sang-Chaek and the Commander of Geumwiyoung named Hong Kook-Young.

Meanwhile, Queen Jungsoon and the vassals from Noron plot to assassinate King Jeongjo. Outside of the palace, Eul-Soo was raised as an elite assassin by Gwang-Bae. Gwang-Bae then orders Eul-Soo to kill King Jeongjo, otherwise his love Wol-Hye will be killed.

4. The Table (2017)


The Table is a film written and directed by Kim Jong-Kwan. The film was released on August 24, 2017 with a duration of 70 minutes. Jung Eun-Chae plays Kyung-Jin. In addition to Jung Eun-Chae, the film also stars Jung Yu-Mi, Han Ye-Ri, and Lim Soo-Jung.

This film tells the story of how at a table, over the period of one day, four different conversations take place. The conversations are between an actress and her ex-boyfriend, a woman and a woman who has a one night stand, a woman and the woman who will play her mother at her wedding and, lastly, a woman who is about to marry and her ex-boyfriend.

Does Jung Eun-chae have a Boyfriend?


As for her love life, Jung Eun-Chae has not yet confirmed who she is currently dating. In fact, Jung Eun-Chae has no boyfriend or special relationship with anyone.

In 2013, Jung Eun-Chae was rumored to be dating a Japanese actor, Ryo Kase. However, her agency denied that they were dating. Their relationship is limited to friendship.

A representative of Jung Eun-Chae’s agency said, “It’s true, they became friends after they performed together in director Hong Sang Soo’s movie, but they were not dating.”

They know each other thanks to their performances in the film director Hong Sang-Soo. The film features Ryo Kase, Jung Eun-Chae, and Moon-Sori; and they all plan to enjoy their holiday time in Japan together, but due to schedule changes only Jung Eun-Chae and Ryo Kase were left behind.

Jung Eun-Chae’s agency representative added, “She is living in Japan for the holidays, and Ryo Kase just offered to act as a guide, so they had dinner together. We do not know where these reports came from when they are just close friends. He may be involved in unfounded rumors at an important point in his career.”

The weekly Japanese magazine Friday reported that “Ryo Kase was found dating a Korean actress in Tokyo and Kanagawa.”

According to the report, the two traveled together at the end of July and stayed at a hotel in Tokyo. They also appear at the supermarket together.