About Ji Hyun-woo: Profile, Abs, Drama List, Hairstyles, Songs, and Wedding

Most Popular Features of Ji Hyun-woo: Abs and Hairstyles


Ji Hyun-woo is known for having good proportions and toned abs that make him suitable for his acting career. His proportions also allow him to model for several magazine covers. On many occasions, Ji Hyun-woo has not hesitated to show his beautiful abs to his fans. This feature is widely liked by people in Korea.

Aside from his toned abs, Ji Hyun-woo is also widely known for his signature hairstyle that he has had since forever.


He always has bangs slightly to the side to hide his forehead. Although on some occasions he has styled his bangs, this hairstyle has been his signature style since his debut. He also always maintains the length of his bangs to not be too long or too short. Even though Koreans are popular for their bold hair color choices, Ji Hyun-woo has always kept his hair dark-brown and black.

Ji Hyun-woo and Yo In-na


On June 7, 2012, Ji Hyun-woo made a surprise public declaration: “I wanted to make this confession in front of the fans who enjoyed our drama. I sincerely love Yoo In-na.” It was in the middle of the press conference for the last episode of Queen In-hyun’s Man.

That confession began many speculations in the media about their actual relationship. Ji Hyun-woo later confirmed their relationship on her radio show on June 18, 2012, saying the two had developed feelings for each other while filming the drama. The confession left many questions for the public since Ji Hyun-woo would soon leave for his military duty.

Their relationship was quite serious for more than 2 years. Many people speculated that they would get married sooner or later. But, unfortunately, the wedding never happened, and on May 14, 2014, their respective agencies confirmed in a press release that the couple had broken up.

Other Ex-Girlfriends?


Since his relationship with Yo In-na, Ji Hyun-woo hasn’t been seen with any other girl. It looks like his past breakup still effects him greatly. For some time, he wouldn’t talk about Yo In-na in interviews.

There are many speculations that he is close with a few of his female co-stars. But, nothing has been made official since his agency tells nothing. Even Korean news outlets have never caught him on a date with any girl after Yo In-na.

Latest News


Lately, Ji Hyun-woo is still busy preparing for his upcoming television series and movie. In his new drama, he is reuniting with Lee Si-young after 8 years for Risky Romance. This drama is a medical romance drama about a surgeon and an endocrinologist. His upcoming project will mark Lee Si Young’s return after giving birth to her first child in January. Risky Romance is set to premiere in July.

Ji Hyun Woo’s newest movie True Fiction was released. The mystery-thriller movie revolves around a politician named Kyung Seok (Oh Man Seok) who visits a villa to hide his father-in-law’s secret fund. There, he meets a suspicious young man named Soon Tae (Ji Hyun Woo) and gets involved in a shocking incident.