Everything You Need to Know About Korean-American Singer Jay Park

Love Life


When talking about his dating life, he stated he has not dated anyone for a long time. He said it is time for him to focus on his solo career. However, when he was asked about first love, he revealed that he lost his girlfriend because he was obsessive. He dated her in South Korea, and it was true first love.

Jay Park once said that his ideal girl doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’, but he likes a girl with a pretty smile, is laid back, and has a nice sense of humor. Also, on a variety show, he chose SNSD’s Jessica as his ideal type and joked many times that he would love to date Bora if she is ready to go out with him.

Looks: Abs, Hair, and Fashion


Besides being popular for his excellent dancing skills, he is also known for his good-looking face, muscular body, hairstyles, and, of course, his hip-hop fashion! Check out some facts about Jay Park’s look here:

  • When he takes his shirt off, he becomes irresistible. From his muscles to his abs, his body will leave you simply breathless. Sometimes on broadcasts or magazines, he shows off his chocolate abs.
  • His look is unusual yet at the same time natural in appearance. According to a hair stylist, Jay Park especially likes to change his hairstyle often, but they are usually similar to the mohawk hairstyle. But, there are times when he showed up with drastic changes such as bangs and a hair tattoo.
  • Ever since Jay Park went solo, his fashion sense has most definitely developed into his own style of hip-hop, clean cut, street, and even boy next door.

Popularity & Net Worth


After Jay Park became the first Asian-American to sign with the holy grail of hip-hop labels, Roc Nation, he sure looks like the happiest man alive. Since he established himself as a solo artist, he always uploads his works on YouTube and gets feedback from viewers. Also, as a famous Internet personality who has a lot of accounts on social sites, he has built a solid foundation for himself where he has proven to be on par with rap’s new guard through confident freestyles.

Given the broad scale of his achievements, his net worth is estimated around $2-3 million. But, there’s a certain contrast regarding his net worth. According to Gazette Review, Jay Park now holds a net worth of $10 million. He has also signed contracts with multinational companies like deNIZEN, Levi Strauss, and many others which have helped his net worth.



Jay Park once said that both Usher and Michael Jackson as singers and dancers are who influence him vocally and in dance. The moment Jay Park started dancing, his dance experience of 20 years was easily seen. He deserves to be called the dance master for his great confidence and b-boy skills.