About Hong Jong-hyun: Profile, Dramas, Plastic Surgery, News, and Hairstyle

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1. Hong Jong-hyun Talks About Kim Woo-bin’s Health

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Hong Jong-Hyun and Kim Woo-Bin are two South Korean actors who are known to have a very strong bond of friendship. They are known to support each other in promoting dramas or other projects. Kim Woo-Bin is known to be in poor health, Hong Jong-Hyun as his closest friend, always supports and monitors Woo-Bin’s condition.

When Kim Woo-Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, he had to abandon all the projects he was working on to focus on the healing process. He has been doing maintenance for 6 months. According to Hong Hong Hyun, he was initially surprised to learn that Kim Woo Bin has cancer. According to him, his friend will be able to recover in the near future.

“At first I was shocked, I know his condition is not very good, but I did not really think it went that far, but now that I know he’s getting better, he’ll be fine in the near future,” said Jong-Hyun.

Hong Jong Hyun himself did not cover if he had time to go wrong when wanting to contact Kim Woo Bin. “It’s hard enough to keep in touch with him, I’m sorry for not being able to reach him when I know about his illness, he must feel more depressed than the others, and imagine how many contact him to ask about the situation.”

He continued, “I think asking such questions is stressful, I sent a message to him after Kim Woo-Bin’s name was no longer discussed on the internet We talked about some things and some time later he called me to say hello and say good things I gave him support and I hope he gets well soon and we can work together again.”

We pray that Kim Woo-Bin’s condition will quickly improve!

2. Fun Facts About Hong Jong-hyun


Hong Jong-Hyun is a famous actor, and almost everyone knows his profile. However, there are many things we do not know about Hong Jong-Hyun, such as:

Hong Jong Hyun is one of five models modeled as “Avengers Models” by the crew. The remaining four are Kim Young Kwang, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon, and Lee Soo Hyuk.

The actor who played in the movie Alice: Boy from Wonderland, Enemies In-Law, Be With Me, and Lovers, was very fond of toys. He has collections of toys such as toy cars. According to him, collecting such items makes him happy.

Jong-Hyun is also known as an actor who has a very cool character and personality, but it turns out he has a lot of aegyo that he often shows to his fans or his closest friends. According to his friends, he is a fad and likes to disturb his friend. In addition, he is also mandai in singing and rap.

Before becoming an actor and model, Jong-Hyun aspired to become a veterinarian because of his love for animals. He has a dog named Haerong. He also likes extreme things. He often drives at speeds above average, he even raced cars. However, he stopped because of concerns from his friends, who were worried about his safety.

What do you think? Are you surprised?

3. Hong Jong-Hyun joins C-JeS Entertainment?


On March 14, 2018 C-JeS Entertainment announces, “We have signed a contract with Hong Kong He’s receiving attention as an actor with both acting skills and stardom.” With professional management, we will give utmost support for him to expand his promotions in various fields.” Hong Jong-Hyun has indeed confirmed that he signed a contract with C-JeS Entertainment.

Back in 2007, Hong Jong Hyun debuted as a model during Seoul Fashion Week. Then a year later, he made his debut through the film ‘A Frozen Flower’. In 2015, he signed with Widmay Entertainment and has taken part in multiple productions including ‘Jungle Fish 2’, ‘White Christmas’,’ Scarlet Heart: Ryeo ‘, and’ The King Loves’.Hong Jong Hyun’s expected to expand his acting career under C-JeS Entertainment.

4. Hong Jong-Hyun Chooses After School’s Nana or Girl’s Day’s Yura?


Hong Jong-Hyun is rumored to be in a relationship with After School member, Nana. But when he was reportedly dating Nana, Jong-Hyun was participating in the We Got Married program with Girl’s Day’s member, Yura. The public thought that Joong-Hyun did not appreciate Yura as his virtual wife.

Although the show is a “virtual reality” show, pairing up two people in a fake marriage, it is necessary for the cast to maintain the projection that there is a possibility for a real relationship that goes beyond the make-believe. If one of the “spouses” get caught up in a dating rumor with someone else, the fragile believability of the show is broken.

Hong Jong Hyun told Osen, “Because it was not true, I shrugged the dating rumor off. Unexpectedly, however, it got a lot of attention, and I was very surprised by that. ” He explained,” First of all, I did not know about the news report immediately. I was on a plane heading toward Singapore. I got on the plane after saying it was not true, but when I got off, I learned there was a huge uproar, which surprised me.”

Hong Jong Hyun explained that he was surprised to learn that he was a person who was receiving so much attention from the press and the public. “I think the dating rumor was more of an issue because I was filming ‘We Got Married’ at the time,” he stated. “But all the misunderstandings were cleared up, and Yura and I talked a lot.”

Regarding Nana, Hong Jong Hyun explained, “I still meet up and stay good friends.” Jong-hyun reveals, “I contact him occasionally and he seems to be fine,” Jong Hyun replied. “I think I’ll be dating when the time has come,” he continued when asked about when to date.

In fact, after the end of We Got Married program, Jong-Hyun and Yura are still well-connected as friends.

5. Hong Jong-Hyun Weight Loss?


Being an artist is not easy. Being an artist means having to maintain a perfect appearanceĀ  both in front of the camera and behind the camera. The hardest of being an artist is to always keep a perfect weight to be considered perfect by the public.

The hardest part is maintaining ideal weight, both for women and men. Hong Jong-Hyun revealed he lost weight for his participation in the drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.

He said, “I thought that Prince Yo would lose some weight because of all the hardships up to his death But I lost more weight than I thought I would make sure I was well, but I could not I lost almost 7 kg (~15 lbs) I started off as 73 kg (~161 lbs), but fell to about 67 kg (~148 lbs.) I lost a lot of weight, but I lost my muscles on top of that.”

Hong Jong-Hyun’s Hairstyle


Actor Hong Jong-Hyun has been notorious for his long hair that leaves many fans and netizens wondering what he would look like with shorter hair. But after a recent change in his image when he cut his hair and styled it up, fans and netizens have been raving over his fresh look that makes him even more handsome.

Many netizens claim that Jong-Hyun looks younger and very fresh after cutting his hair. Previously Jong-Hyun did have long hair, but he has now cut his hair a little shorter.


Do you think Jong-Hyun looks better with long hair or short hair?