Everything You need to Know About Girl’s Day Member Lee Hye-ri


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Get to Know Lee Hye-ri Better

Who doesn’t know Girl’s Day? Girl’s Day is one of the famous girl groups in South Korea. The group’s four members (Sojin, Yura, Minah, and of course Hyeri) are really talented. They used to be have a sixth member, but a few of the previous members had decided to resign even before their debut. Girl’s Day debuted in 2010 with five members, but some of their members (Ji Sun and Ji In), resigned right after two months debut and being replaced by Yura and Hyeri. Now, they’re still active as a girl group, even one of their member, Lee Hye-ri is also get into acting. Lee Hye-ri, also known as Hyeri, is one of the Girl’s Day members. She was being known as a maknae (the youngest one) in Girl’s Day. She also appears on TV Series Reply 1998 as Sung Deok-sun that has been released in 2015. Hyeri is currently in a relationship with Ryu Joon-yeol, who is a famous Korean actor. They have been dating since 2017, while they were filming the Reply 1998.

Lee Hye-ri’s General Information


Real Name     : Lee Hye Ri (이혜리)

Stage Name   : Hyeri (혜리)

Date of Birth  : Gwangju, June 9 1994

Zodiac Sign    : Gemini

Blood Type     : AB

Height            : 167 cm

University       : Konkuk University (majored in film)

Position          : Maknae, Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of The Group

Instagram       : hyeri_0609

Did Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Get Plastic Surgery?


We know that often times there are some K-Pop idosl that undergo plastic surgery, either in case of an accident where their face may have become disfigured, or they just want to improve a part of their body. Did Hyeri do the same? Even though Hyeri has a lot of fans, there are also rumors that have come from her antifans. Her haters often talk about her getting plastic surgery. They compared Hyeri’s old pictures with Hyeri’s current pictures. Indeed, there’s a difference between her past appearance with her appearance now. Let’s take a look with Hyeri’s pictures below!

Hyeri when she was younger, before the plastic surgery


Hyeri’s current appearance, after the plastic surgery:


As we can see, there’s a clear difference regarding Hyeri’s face, especially with her eyes. We can see that she used to have really small eyes, but now her eyes look wider and bigger. Looks like she did eyelid surgery. Some of her fans, of course, stand up for her. They said that it was just part of the make-up’s effect. Eye make-up for Korea’s style is always detailed, that’s why Hyeri’s eyes looks different. However, common people can for the most part see the differences, even if it’s just a glimpse.


Regarding her plastic surgery issue, she has stated that she had done plastic surgery on her eyes, her nose, and her forehead. Her nose seems not to have a lot of difference between then and now, but we can see that her nose looks more sharper than before. The clear difference that people often see is for her eyes.