Find Out More About Cho Seung-youn (WOODZ): Full Profile, ‘Produce X 101’, UNIQ, Solo Career!

Debut With UNIQ

produce x 101 X1 cho seung youn

Before participating in Mnet’s idol survival show Produce X 101, Seung Youn had actually debuted before with UNIQ, in 2014. With a total of five members, he was in charge as the main rapper and vocalist of the group.

In 2015, UNIQ released so much content for the fans, such as new album, music, appearances in some variety shows, and a lot more. But sadly in 2018, the members started to do solo activities more than the group itself. There is also no confirmation, whether UNIQ has officially disbanded or not. And now let’s see Seung Youn’s promotional activities!

Seung Young’s fan-cam from their debut song, “Falling in Love”:

UNIQ are very popular in China: one time they performed at Beijing FM with their song “Born to Fight.” Here are his powerful performances for you guys!

In 2015 UNIQ made a comeback with “EOEO.” The song became really popular at that time since the music is so ear-catching. Also, the dance was very sexy, many fans were excited every time they saw live performances.

Here is Seung Youn’s focus camera from “EOEO!”

Then after a few months, UNIQ made a comeback again with “LUV Again.” A song that was divided in two versions, one of which was Korean and one a Chinese version. Here is the live performance of “LUV Agin” (Chinese ver.) during EMA:

Solo Debut as Luizy

cho seung youn woodz x1 produce x 101

Not only as a UNIQ member, but Seung Youn also debuted as a solo artist under the name Luizy. He released several pieces of work, and here is the list!

LUIZY – Rehab (M.O.L.A)

Luizy feat. Flowsik – RECIPE

Luizy feat. BTOB’s Hyun Sik – Baby Ride

Produce X 101

produce x 101 X1 cho seung youn

There are various trainees that have debuted before joining Produce X 101, and one of them is our charismatic Cho Seung Youn. Previously, he was a member of UNIQ that debuted in 2014. In the first episode after the introduction performances, he got the B class.

Even after the re-evaluation grade, Seung Youn was able to maintain his B class. Since he has many talents, the trainees admired him a lot. As for the rank position, it always developed to a higher one in every episode. Imagine from position 67, Seung Youn entered the top 5 and was finally able to debut with X1!

Curious about it? Here is the full progression of his ranking!

produce x 101 X1 cho seung youn

Before we take a look at the final episode, let us check Seung Youn’s promotional pictures for Produce X 101, below:

produce x 101 X1 cho seung youn
produce x 101 X1 cho seung youn
produce x 101 X1 cho seung youn

And here is the final episode of Produce X 101 where the show announced all the participants that will become members of X1!