Learn More About Non-Korean Talk Show JTBC’s ‘Abnormal Summit’ That Should Be Added To Your Watchlist

International Franchises


Due to the popularity and positive reception of Abnormal Summit, other countries purchased the right to adapt the program in their own area. Turkey’s Actual Television (ATV) and Chinese Jiangsu Television acquired the rights to make the adaptation.

Turkey’s version aired its first episode on March 21, 2015, while China broadcast its first episode on April 9th, 2015. On the official announcement poster, each TV program showed the 11 male co-hosts lined up and wearing suits. The Chinese poster, titled A Bright World, has a more serious vibe, while the Turkish version, Elin Oglu, has a more fun and entertaining vibe. Abnormal Summit was a popular variety show in China because of the participation of Chinese TV announcer, Zhang Yuan.


That was all the information about jTBC’s popular talk show, Abnormal Summit. The program is currently on a hiatus. There has been news about the initiation of Abnormal Summit Season 2. Let’s hope that the show’s second season can bring more fun, entertaining, and informative episodes. Don’t forget to share your opinions about topics, hosts, and other things on the comment section below.