AB6IX’s Park Woo-jin: Profile, Facts, ‘Produce 101’, Wanna One

Park Woo-jin’s Focus Fancams

[MPD직캠] AB6IX 박우진 직캠 4K ‘BREATHE’ (AB6IX PARK WOO JIN FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2019.5.23

Fans chant Woojin’s name whenever he sings or raps on stage. As the main dancer and main rapper, Woojin easily stands out from the other members. His dance moves are always on point, and he never misses a beat.

Park Woo-jin returned after suffering a problem with his knees. It wasn’t the first time that he had to retreat from every promotional activity because of health. Fans were relieved after not seeing him for such a long time. How they missed his stage charisma and explosive dance moves!

Park Woo-jin’s Appearance on Law of the Jungle


Law of the Jungle is a reality TV program that shows how Korean celebrities and idols survive in the wild. The team travels to abandoned islands and secluded places across the globe. All of the guests must find their own food and make their own shelter to survive. AB6IX’s Park Woo-jin, Gugudan’s Mina, and iKON’s B.I joined the program as guests.

The team made a raft, and they paddled down a small river. Because of the scorching sun, the entire team was exhausted. They made a joke that someone should do the rain dance to make some rain fall. Park Woo-jin stepped up and danced in the middle of the raft. Amazingly, the rain started falling after Woo-jin finished his dance.

Park Woo-jin’s appearance on Law of the Jungle was cut short because he suffered from a high fever in the first few days. He didn’t feel well and called the team doctor. When the team doctor took his body temperature, it read 39.3 degrees Celsius. Apparently, the heatwave had influenced his body. It was such sad news for the team because Park Woo-jin made the crew and guests laugh because of his dorky dances and funny character.

Park Woo-jin and AB6IX’s Debut


After completing promotions with Wanna One, Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi teamed up in a new idol group, AB6IX, alongside two participants from Produce 101, Lim Young-Min, and Dong-hyun. The last member to join the group was Jeon Woong. The group was formed under the management of Brand New Music. All members appeared on Mnet’s reality show BrandNewBoys before announcing their official debut. On May 22, 2019, the group released its debut EP B:Complete with the title single “Breathe.” On June 8, 2020, the leader, Lim Young-min, departed from AB6IX after getting caught for a DUI.

AB6IX’s Park Woo-jin won the attention of fans through his charisma and cute canine teeth. On the reality show BrandNewBoys, fans were given a look inside AB6IX’s boarding room. Park Woo-jin’s room was one of the cleanest and well-arranged rooms. His clothes and fashion accessories were arranged based on color. Even beverages inside his refrigerator were arranged neatly.

Ever since participating in Produce 101 and Wanna One Go, Park Woo-jin caught the attention of viewers because of his playful and friendly character. He is always on to something and always active. Even when his friends were resting, he played football and basketball in their dormitory room.

Park Woo-jin is the friend that people love to have around. His funny character and dorky personality always bring fun and laughter. Don’t forget to share his profile with your Twitter account!