AB6IX’s Lee Dae-hwi: Profile, Facts, Net Worth

Lee Dae-hwi’s English Skill

Lee Dae-hwi has lit English skills. He lived in the USA for six years and attended Park’s Jr. High School as a high school student.

Look for his English phrases in his introduction and events as an idol.

Lee Dae-hwi Composing Songs

On his birthday, Lee Dae-hwi composed the song “21” on January 29, 2021. How cool is that!

Curious about other songs composed and produced by Lee Dae-hwi? Check them out below!

“Airplane” from IZ*ONE was released on April 1, 2019. This song was written by Dae-hwi along with So Jay, Jo Yoon Kyung, Jang Yeo Jin, and Lissie.

For the final episode of Produce X 101, the song “Dream for You” was written solely by Lee Dae-hwi as an ending theme song.

He was also a contributing writer in one of the evaluation songs for Produce 48 in season three.

This song “Wish You Loved Me” sang by MXM is also written by Lee Dae-hwi. He was the sole writer of this song that is on the album More Than Ever.

The song “Young 20” is written by Daehwi and Park Ji-hoon.

That’s all about Lee Dae-hwi’s profile, net worth, facts, and career. What song do you like the most that Daehwi composed? Post your comment and share it on Twitter as well! Keep supporting Daehwi in his career!