A-Prince: Profile, Mini Album, Re-debuted as Map6

A-Prince’s Debut


A-Prince debuted on July 25th, 2012, under the management of New Planet Entertainment. The group released the debut single “You’re the Only One.” At the time, New Planet Entertainment had just started in the Korean music industry and A-Prince was the agency’s first artist. “You’re the Only One” was written by MBLAQ’s members G.O and Mir.

The name A-Prince stood for good things start with A, such as amazing and awesome. The original members of A-Prince were Sungwon, Taehyuk, Minhyuk, Seungjun, and Siyoon. Sungwon, Taehyuk, and Minhyuk used to be members of the idol group Taken. After disbandment, they chose to take another chance and joined A-Prince.

Since some of their members were already popular, A-Prince’s debut drew huge attention. Even before announcing the official debut, social media and Internet cafés were talking about A-Prince. A huge number of fans attended the lightning showcase that was held on Twitter. Social media became their source of promotion because over 80% of A-Prince’s Facebook fans originated from overseas. When the picture of the leader was revealed, many fans praised Sungwon’s resemblance to actor Jang Keun-suk.


Immediately after announcing their debut, A-Prince was set to hold promotions in Japan and France. A-Prince’s debut concept resembled the British pop group One Direction. Their concept was dandy and boyish, but each member had a mature, manly personality.

A-Prince used social media including Facebook and Twitter to communicate with fans. It was the reason that the group was loved by the younger generation. A-Prince created a 50 Days Countdown Project that showed the appearance of each member for 50 days until the debut date. A-Prince communicated well with fans. They replied to messages and spoke in Korean, English, and Japanese.

A-Prince aimed to make their name popular in Asia and Europe. Each member studied foreign languages to be able to communicate with fans.

A-Prince’s Mini-Album


A-Prince released their mini-album Hello on November 6th, 2012. Hello consisted of the title single “Hello,” “You’re the Only One,” and “Oh-Girl.” Hello contains each member’s love confession. “Oh-Girl” is a fast-tempo dance song that displays A-Prince’s masculine vibe. It also has an addictive chorus that expressed the emotion of the singer. A-Prince’s second mini-album, Mambo, was released on June 25th, 2013. Mambo managed to reach the 14th position on the Korean music chart and sold 1.731 copies.

Re-Debut as Map6


A-Prince disbanded in 2015, a year after releasing their single album Peter Pan’s Kiss Scene and three years after announcing their debut. However, four of its members, Minhyuk, Seungjun, Siyoon, and Woobin, joined MAP6, and an additional member, Sign, re-debuted in 2015. The group debuted on November 10, 2015, under the management of Dream T Entertainment.

MAP6 received support from idol group Girl’s Day. Map6 held its debut showcase at Lotte Cart Art Center in Mapo District, Seoul. MAP6 promoted their group as Girl’s Day’s younger brother group because both of the groups were managed by the same agency. MAP5 held their debut stage on SBS’s The Show.

MAP6 and Girl’s Day have similarities in terms of chemistry between each member because most of the members were together for a long time and they became very close with each other. MAP6’s members said that their role model was Shinhwa. Shinhwa has been active for more than a decade and MAP6 wished to follow their success and longevity.

Map6’s debut single, “Storm,” was the result of a collaboration between senior singer Lim Chang-jung and senior group SG Wannabe. The song has intense, dark, and strong words in the lyrics. The song expressed a strong belief that one person can make it out from a storm with the help of one ray of light.

MAP6 is currently on indefinite hiatus since December 2019 because four of its member are attending military service.

This is all the information about A-Prince and the group’s transformation to MAP6. Don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account, and let’s hope that A-Prince or MAP6 can make another comeback.