A-Prince: Profile, Mini Album, Re-debuted as Map6


Meet A-Prince, the Korean Version of One Direction

A-Prince was a Korean idol group that debuted in 2012. Before their official debut, some of the members were already popular idols in the group Taken. The boys were already drawing attention even before their debut.

On their debut promotion, A-Prince’s members revealed themselves as dandy and boyish idols but with the personalities of men. During the promotion, their fashion style and characters resembled those of the British group One Direction. It seemed that A-Prince drew inspiration from the famous group.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about A-Prince. So, stay tuned!

A-Prince’s Group Profile


Instagram                    : aprinceofficial

Twitter                         : APRINCEofficial

A-Prince’s Sungwon


Name                          : Sung Chang-yong

Stage name                : Sungwon

Birthday                       : April 5th, 1989

Height                           : 178 cm

Blood type                  : O

Zodiac                           : Aries

Position                        : Main vocalist, leader

Twitter                         : sswonn

Facts About Sungwon

  • Sungwon’s specialty is singing and beatboxing.
  • He can speak in English and Japanese.
  • His hobbies are watching movies, practicing piano, cooking, and driving.
  • On his body, he has a tattoo that says “You don’t need any brains to listen to music.”
  • Sungwon is the second son- he has an older brother, younger brother, and younger sister.
  • He loves eating chocolate.
  • He was a former Taken member.
  • He loves taking pictures of flowers, especially roses.
  • He wanted to be either a CEO or a leader.

A-Prince’s Minhyuk


Name                          : Kim Min-hyuk

Stage name                : Minhyuk

Birthday                       : April 11th, 1992

Place of birth             : Korea

Height                           : 178 cm

Weight                         : 60 kg

Blood type                  : A

Zodiac                           : Aries

Position                        : Rapper, vocalist

Twitter                         : daon12

Facts About Minhyuk

  • Minhyuk’s specialty is acting and writing songs.
  • His nickname is Sexy Prince.
  • He joined Map6 and became the group leader.
  • Minhyuk has only one older sister.
  • Before joining A-Prince, Minhyuk was a member in Taken under the stage name Daon.
  • He used to dream of becoming an interior designer.
  • He decided to become a singer when he was studying in college.
  • The decision came mainly become he loves listening to music.
  • Minhyuk’s favorite music group is Shinhwa while his favorite rapper is Beenzino.

A-Prince’s Seungjun


Name                            : Kim Young-jun

Stage name                : Seungjun

Birthday                       : May 21st, 1994

Place of birth             : Korea

Height                           : 181 cm

Weight                         : 70 kg

Blood type                  : B

Zodiac                           : Gemini

Position                        : Visual, lead vocal

Twitter                         : s.j

Facts About Seungjun

  • Seungjun’s nickname is Smile Prince.
  • After A-Prince disbanded, he joined Map6.
  • In Map6, his stage name is J.Jun.
  • His ideal girl type is someone who is generous and loves him.
  • Seungjun’s hobbies are watching movies, surfing the Internet, listening to music, and singing.
  • He loves sports, especially Taekwondo.
  • Seungjun was born in the area of Mapo, Seoul.
  • Seungjun didn’t make his debut with Taken.

A-Prince’s Siyoon


Name                            : Kang Byungseon

Stage name                : Siyoon

Birthday                       : December 31st, 1995

Place of birth             : Korea

Height                           : 176 cm

Weight                         : 60 kg

Blood type                  : O

Zodiac                           : Capricorn

Position                        : Main dancer, vocalist

Twitter                         : _si_yoon

Instagram                    : _sun_.k

Facts About Siyoon

  • He joined Map6 after A-Prince’s disbandment and changed his stage name to Sun.
  • Siyoon wanted to be a singer ever since he was a child.
  • He loves eating pizza.
  • Siyoon’s specialties are dancing and singing.
  • Siyoon has 2 sisters.
  • Before joining A-Prince, Siyoon trained under DSP Media.
  • He would love to own a store if he wasn’t an idol.
  • Siyoon loves the color blue.
  • He didn’t debut with Taken.
  • Siyoon resembles Exo’s Sehun and actor Yoo Yeon-seok.

A-Prince’s Woobin


Name                            : Park Jong-bin

Stage name                : Woobin

Birthday                       : May 18th, 1996

Place of birth             : Korea

Height                           : 178 cm

Blood type                  : A

Zodiac                           : Taurus

Position                        : Maknae,  vocalist

Twitter                         : woobin_A

Facts About Woobin

  • Woobin’s nickname is Baby Prince.
  • He has an older brother.
  • He debuted as a child actor.
  • In MAP6, his stage name is J.Vin.
  • Woobin’s specialty is acting.
  • Woobin wasn’t an original member in A-Prince.
  • Woobin is scared of pigeons.
  • He loves eating sweets.