A Pink Leader: Park Chorong


Apink’s Little Leader Park Chorong

Be it male or female, almost every K-pop idol group must have someone to fill the position where they lead their teammates, otherwise known as the leader. This position also exists in the popular girl group Apink, and is filled by Park Cho Rong, the susceptible lady who has successfully lead her team for more than seven years.

Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you everything about Apink’s Chorong, starting with her personal profile, her fun facts and trivia, her height and weight, her songs, her drama, her successful dieting technique, her friendship with male idols, her Instagram feed, and her hairstyle that you can look to for inspiration. So, stay tuned!

Profile of Apink’s Chorong 2018


Real Name: Park Cho Rong

Stage Name: Chorong

Christian Name: Lea Park

Nickname: Rong Leader, Rongrongie, Mamarong, Rongcho, Rongtler (combination of her name and ‘Hitler’)

Date of Birth: Chungcheongbuk-do, 3 March 1991

Age: 28 (Korean age) / 27 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: O

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Astrology: Sheep

Siblings: 2 (older sister and younger sister)

Position: Leader, Rapper, Sub-vocalist, Dancer

Specialty: Dance, Taekwondo

Personality: Shy when you first meet, but will be friendly once you’ve known her for a while

Training Time: 2 years

Agency: Plan A Entertainment

Education: Byungsul Kindergarten, Bukang Elementary School, Bukang Middle School, Chungbuk High School

Twitter: @Apinkpcr

Instagram: @mulgokizary

Fun Facts You Have To Know About Apink’s Chorong:

  • Chorong did an audition for JYP Entertainment in 2009 along with former SISTAR member Dasom.
  • Chorong lived in China at a young age.
  • Chorong’s father is a Hapkido class director, so it is to be expected that Chorong is considered a ‘master’ of Hapkido because she has been practicing it for eight years, and has a third-degree black belt.
  • Chorong has a driver’s license, which she got with difficulty. The process of Chorong getting her driving license was recorded on Apink News Season 3.
  • Chorong never tweets on her Twitter account anymore, but she always retweets the tweets of Apink’s official account and Plan A Entertainment’s official account.
  • Chorong’s Instagram username (mulgokizary) is the Korean name of her zodiac sign (Pisces).
  • Chorong has the highest pitched voice, like a dolphin.
  • Chorong’s hobbies are watching movies, washing dishes, and doing Hapkido.
  • Chorong’s favorite movie genre is action.
  • When asked about her bad habits, Chorong mentioned picking her hands and answering questions and replying to things late.
  • Chorong has a scar on her right arm, and always wears a bandage to cover it up.
  • Contrary to what most people expect, Chorong prefers to wear casual outfits over stylish ones.
  • Chorong’s favorite numbers are 3 and 7.
  • Chorong’s favorite colors are red and pink.
  • Chorong is known for her love for chicken feet mania, so obviously, her favorite food is any flavor of chicken feet.
  • Chorong has acted in many music videos produced by Cube Entertainment and Plan A Entertainment’s artists, such as BEAST, BTOB, and Huh Gak.
  • On the V app broadcast on 22 September 2017, Chorong said that she had a cold when Apink filmed the music video for their Japanese single Orion.
  • During Apink’s appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Brother in June 2017, Chorong said that she stays at home so much that one time she stayed on Apink’s sofa for three days non-stop.
  • Chorong learned how to swim in order to overcome her fear of water, and to prepare for her appearance on SBS’s Law of the Jungle.
  • Chorong convinced her fellow Apink members to renew their contract together by saying that they have to believe in her.

Are You Curious About Chorong of Apink’s Height and Weight?


Well, judging from her figure, you might think that Chorong is the shortest member of Apink, but she is actually 0.4 cm taller than Apink’s main vocalist, Jung Eunji, that is 162.7 cm. We believe that Chorong looks smaller than she seems because of her oval face shape. Moreover, Chorong also has the ideal weight that matches her height which is ranged from 47 to 48 kg.

Apink’s Park Cho Rong Songs and Discography


Besides leading her teammates in Apink, Chorong has also contributed to writing the lyrics of her group’s songs. Chorong’s most famous works are mainly the lyrics for Apink’s fan songs, such as April 19 and The Wave. However, we discovered that Chorong has in fact written other songs that are included on several of Apink’s albums. Regarding future plans to write songs for other artists, Chorong stated that it would be a huge honor for her. However, she feels that she is still learning, so she will develop her skills further by writing more songs for Apink and she might later write them for other artists, if an opportunity arises. Well, shall we check the list of songs that Chorong wrote the lyrics for, dear readers?

2012 – April 19 (included on Apink’s ‘Une Annee’ album, music by Kim Jin Hwan)

2014 – Love Story (included on Apink’s ‘Pink Blossom’ album, music by Kim Jin Hwan)

2014 – So Long (included on Apink’s ‘Pink Blossom’ album, music by Master Key)

2014 – Wanna Be (included on Apink’s ‘Pink Blossom’ album, music by Son Young Jin and Big Sancho)

2015 – Deja Vu (included on Apink’s ‘Pink Memory’ album, music and arrangement by Choi Yong Chan)

2016 – ‘The Wave’ and ‘To. Us’ (included on Apink’s ‘Pink Revolution’ album, music by Kim Jin Hwan)

2016 – Cliche (co-written with Apink’s Naeun, and included on Apink’s ‘Dear’ album)

2017 – Eyes (included on Apink’s ‘Pink Up’ album, music by Command Freaks, Sophiya, Shikata)

Dramas Featuring Apink’s Park Cho Rong


Even though she has less experience when compared to some of her teammates in Apink, Chorong has also ventured into the field of acting. Chorong did her first acting gig even before her official debut with Apink in 2011, making her the first Apink member to take part in acting. Therefore, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of Chorong’s acting jobs in television dramas and sitcoms that you may want to check out!

2010 – MBC’s ‘All My Love’ (Supporting Role as Cho Rong in episodes 125-210)

2012 – tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’ (Supporting Role as the younger version of Lee Il Hwa in episode 9)

2014 – tvN’s ‘Plus Nine Boys’ (Lead Role as Han Soo Ah / Bong Sook)

2017 – Naver TV Cast’s ‘Special Law of Romance’ (Lead Role as Seo Ji Hye)

Get To Know the Diet Secrets of Apink’s Chorong


Just like any other female idol group member, Apink’s Chorong is obliged to watch her weight, especially if her group is going to come out with a new album. However, during her early days, Chorong also had her own problems regarding her body shape. Aren’t you curious to see how Chorong looked before her diet? Here you go!


Now, let’s see Chorong’s current figure.


As you can see, Chorong’s body transformation is obvious, because when compared to her old body shape, which was thick and chubby, Chorong’s current body shape looks slimmer and more toned. In an interview with ‘Sure’ magazine on December 2015, Chorong revealed that her current figure is achieved through the eight years of hapkido, and regular sessions of pilates. Moreover, Chorong pays attention to what she eats, and she only consumes greek yogurt, granola, and fruits. Before Apink made their comeback, Chorong would detox her body’s impurities by drinking all kinds of juices. Lastly, water infused with aromatic oils also helps Chorong’s lower body relax, and strengthens her muscles.