A.C.E: Profile, Global Success, and US Tour


Meet A.C.E, the Next K-Pop Icon

A.C.E is an idol group formed in 2017 by Beat Interactive. The group consists of 5 talented idols. Beat Interactive made a breakthrough promotion when introducing A.C.E. The agency intensively posted song covers and dance covers of popular songs. The promotion was helped by all members’ participation in various idol competition programs and dramas. Each member was already popular even before their official debut.

A.C.E is currently riding on its ever-increasing popularity. They held a successful U.S. tour and performed at the prestigious Academy Awards ceremony. It is just a matter of time before A.C.E sets another K-pop wave in the global music industry.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about A.C.E. So, stay tuned!

A.C.E’s Group Profile


Debut date                 : May 23rd, 2017

Debut single               : “Cactus”

Agency                         : Beat Interactive

Label                             : Sony Music Entertainment

Fandom                       : Choice

Twitter                         : official_ACE7

Instagram                    : official_a.c.e7

Facebook                      : officialA.C.E

Naver Cafe                  : officialace

Daum Café                  : A.C.E-0523

Vlive                              : D205A5

TikTok                        : officialace7

Official homepage        : stayget.net

A.C.E’s Donghun’s Profile


Name                            : Lee Dong-hun

Stage name                : Donghun

Birthday                       : February 28th, 1993

Place of birth             : Gyeonggi Province, Suwon city

Education                    : Pyongtaek University

Height                           : 176 cm

Weight                         : 58 kg

Zodiac                           : Pisces

Blood type                  : A

Position                        : Main vocal

Facts About Donghun

  • Donghun’s role model is G-Dragon.
  • His favorite motto is “Never regret, always enjoy.”
  • Before his debut, he appeared on Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 4 and tvN’s dramas I Need Romance, Age of Youth 2, and Persevere, Goo Hae-ra.
  • Donghun’s mother won a grand prize at a music festival. After watching his mother, he decided to become a singer.
  • He can cook well.
  • His family opened a Korean food restaurant.

A.C.E’s Jun’s Profile


Name                            : Park Jun-hee

Stage name                : Jun

Birthday                       : June 2nd, 1994

Place of birth             : South Jeolla Province, Suncheon

Height                           : 175 cm

Weight                         : 58 kg

Zodiac                           : Gemini

Blood type                  : O

Position                        : Leader, lead vocal, lead dancer

Facts About Jun

  • After watching Rain’s “Rainism,” Jun decided to be a singer.
  • Before joining Beat Interactive, Jun trained under Jellyfish Entertainment.
  • In total, his training period was very long, 7 years. During that period, he nearly debuted several times.
  • Before his debut, he appeared in various entertainment programs and dramas such as Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice, I Need Romance, Meloholic, Age of Youth, Persevere Goo Hae-ra, and Big Issue.
  • Ju has 2 older sisters.
  • His A.C.E color is red.
  • Jun’s parents operate a Korean restaurant.

A.C.E’s Kim Byeongkwan’s Profile


Name                            : Kim Byeong-kwan

Stage name                : Kim Byeongkwan

Birthday                       : August 13th, 1996

Place of birth             : Youngsan, Seoul, South Korea

Height                           : 174 cm

Weight                         : 57 kg

Zodiac                           : Leo

Blood type                  : A

Position                        : Main dancer, vocalist, rapper

Facts About Kim Byeongkwan

  • Kim Byeongkwan’s color is orange.
  • He was inspired to become a singer after watching Rain’s “Rainism.”
  • He changed his stage name from Jason to Byeongkwan.
  • Kim Byeongkwan has the fairest skin among A.C.E’s members.
  • He earned the first rank at JYP Entertainment’s 11th Audition.
  • He trained under JYP Entertainment before joining Beat Entertainment.
  • He participated in Mixnine and Kpop Star before his debut.
  • He can sing, rap, and dance well.
  • His favorite life motto is “Let’s not regret our life- live freely.”

A.C.E’s Wow’s Profile


Name                            : Kim She-yoon

Stage name                : Wow

Birthday                       : May 15th, 1993

Place of birth             : Gwangju city, Jeolla Province, South Korea

Height                           : 176 cm

Weight                         : 60 kg

Zodiac                           : Taurus

Blood type                  : A

Position                        : Main dancer, vocalist, rapper

Facts About Wow

  • Wow’s official color is purple.
  • He participated in YG Entertainment’s audition and passed but left after a year.
  • He participated in various MV choreography projects.
  • Wow’s hobbies are watching movies and shopping.
  • He loves exercising and sports. His favorite sport is badminton.
  • Wow competed in Mixnine but failed in joining the debut team.
  • Before his debut, Wow and other A.C.E members appeared on Persevere Goo Hae-ra and Age of Youth.
  • Wow’s sister is also an idol.

A.C.E’s Chan’s Profile


Name                            : Kang Yu-chan

Stage name                : Chan

Birthday                       : December 31st, 1997

Place of birth             : Jeju Special Province, South Korea

Education                  : Dongah University, Media and Arts Department

Height                           : 177 cm

Weight                         : 59 kg

Zodiac                           : Capricorn

Blood type                  : O

Position                        : Maknae, main vocalist

Facts About Chan

  • Chan trained under JYP Entertainment for only 6 months.
  • Chan’s parents operated a record shop.
  • His favorite sport is soccer.
  • Chan’s official color is yellow.
  • He had an interest in dancing since high school. He joined the dance club during high school.
  • Before his debut, Chan appeared in jTBC’s Sixth Sense Hit Show, EBS2’s Ginga Minga Aha Show, and the drama Marry Me Now.
  • He competed in KBS’ The Unit. He succeeded in joining the final formation.