8Eight: Profile, Facts, Discography, Joining Big Hit

Military Service


8Eight’s leader, Lee Hyun joined the mandatory military service on October 8th, 2012. Before joining as active military personnel, he had to participate in basic military training for five weeks. He completed 21 weeks of mandatory military service program and became an active soldier.

Re-debut with Big Hit Entertainment


8Eight’s former members regrouped in a performance to celebrate the 6th year of their debut. After the regroup performance, Big Hit Entertainment decided to make a new contract with Lee Hyun, Joo Hee, and Baek Chan. 8Eight released their latest single “Fool Again” in February 2020. Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO and Wonderkid acted as their music producer.

8Eight released “I’m Falling in Love Again” as their comeback single. The single represented their intention to make a way in the music industry that is dominated by idol groups and K-Pop. Aside from releasing a new single, 8Eight also released the remix version of their hit single “I Have No Heart.” The song has a sad and sorrowful meaning to people that recently endure problems in their relationship. The single was upgraded and remixed into a more mature and luxurious feeling. Fans looked forward to recalling their memories with 8Eight’s hit songs.

Do Not Go Crazy and Believe In Love Again


On January 31st, 2019, the media announced the news of 8Eight’s release of a new single in February 2020. The media expected 8Eight to shine with the latest single. They disbanded in 2014 and had been doing solo projects for six years. Their latest single, “Do Not Go Crazy” was released in September 2014.

8Eight introduced their latest song “Believe In Love Again” in the radio show 2PM Culture Show. All 8Eight members, Lee Hyun, Baek Chan, Joo hee, appeared on the popular radio talk show. Lee Hyun said that he felt grateful for being able to make a comeback with 8Eight. After six years of a solo career, 8Eight regrouped and released a comeback single. Baek Chan expressed his pride and said that the single was created by Bang Si Hyuk, Big Hit Entertainment CEO.

8Eght made an appearance on the show with solo singer KCM who also came to promote his latest single. 8Eight and KCM made a live singing performance on the program. Fans and radio listener praised their performance. Baek Chan received special attention because his rap is similar to that of Mad Clown’s performance.

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