Here Are 8 TWICE B-side Tracks То Add То Your Playlist!

TWICE b-side track

Here Are the Best TWICE B-Side Tracks for You!

Since debuting in 2015, this big JYP Entertainment group constantly gives fans beautiful and great songs and always hits on various music charts either in South Korea or worldwide. Some of the most popular TWICE songs are “Feel Special, TT“, “Heart Shaker“, “Signal“, “Cry For You”, and many more. Apparently, TWICE also have catchy b-side tracks that are easy to listen to.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the details of 8 b-side tracks from TWICE you should definitely add to your playlist. Let’s check them out!

“Trick It”

Twice b-side track trick it

In 2019, TWICE released their 8th EP (Extended Play) titled Feel Special with seven tracks, one of the songs being the sidetrack “Trick It“.

With the EDM genre, the song is quite catchy and will raise your spirit up to follow the music rhythm. Because “Trick It” is a b-side song, it has no music video. However, you can listen to it through the official audio video, below!


Twice b-side track turtle

Actually, if we talk about the recommendation of TWICE b-side tracks we cannot omit to mention “Turtle“. This song is included in their first studio album which was released on October 30th, 2017, namely TwicetagramThis song can be a recommendation for those of you who are feeling sad because you’re ignored by your crush.

The melody of this song and the genre are perfect for you to listen to when you’re relaxed even though your heart is feeling blue. What’s more, “Turtle” is a kind of drama serial soundtrack with a high school romance genre.

“The Best Thing I Ever Did”

TWICE bside track

Different from previous songs, this b-side track is a song from their reissue album named The Year of “Yes” in 2018. The reissued album consists of some tracks that have already been released before, they only added one song to this album, namely “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Did“.

This song is an alternative R&B and pop track with strong groovy music. One of the reasons why this track is recommended for you (especially ONCE) is because it is a look into the past where they are reminiscing the moments that happened that year. Moreover, the most precious moment is when they met with their loved ones.

This b-side track is very special because they released an official music video on December 12th, 2018. You can see how much they enjoy and how happy they are thinking of those memories in the middle of winter.

“One In a Million”

TWICE b-side one in a million

One In a Million” is one of the iconic and special songs for ONCE. This song landed into their third extended play (EP) titled Twicecoaster: Lane 1 in 2016 as well as in the reissue album in 2017, namely Twicecoaster: Lane 2. 

In every concert that they have held, TWICE often perform this song for their beloved fans, ONCE. One of the TWICE members, Dahyun also recommended this song for ONCE and they feel connected with ONCE when singing this song.

Here’s the video of TWICE performing the song for ONCE at their concert!

“Shot Thru The Heart”

twice b-side track recommendation

As we know, in 2018 TWICE released their fifth EP with the main song “Dance the Night Away” and it became their hit song of the year. But did you know, there are some b-side tracks of the extended play that you must listen to, among those is a song titled “Shot Thru the Heart“. The song written by Momo, Sana, and Mina is very playful and sweet to hear. The song tells about someone who is falling in love, this song is extra fabulous because it’s supported by the members’ cute vocals!

Unfortunately, this song doesn’t have a music video, but don’t worry, you can still hear the song in the video below!

“Ice Cream”

twice b-side track ice cream

Same as “One In a Million”, this track also belongs to Twicecoaster: Line 2 from 2017. The meaning of “Ice Cream” is about someone who wants to spend their time with someone they love and want to hear his soft voice which is like sweet ice cream.

The melody in the music is perfect for accompanying your light activity, or when you’re on public transport, or at the bus station. Let’s try to listen and feel the meaning of “Ice Cream”, here!


twice b-side track chillax

CHILLAX” is a song that defines summertime, moreover, this b-side track they released together on the fifth EP Summer Nights alongside “Shot Thru the Heart” and “Dance the Night Away”. For those of you who need time for healing in summer, this song is perfect for accompanying your daily activities.

“CHILLAX” represents everything that we usually do during the summertime, stay at home and do nothing for relaxing. “CHILLAX” stands for chill and relax, so it already reflects what we want to do before the holidays end.

“Girls Like Us”

twice b-side track

Not only do they have songs about love and sadness, but TWICE also have songs with the theme of ‘girls power’, as in their seventh extended play, Fancy YouThe melody is so cheerful and the lyrics engage girls to be strong and spirited.

The composer of “Girls Like Us” is global singer Charli XCX! So, this song is also highly recommended for you!

Well, those are all the b-side tracks from TWICE that you should definitely add to your playlist. Also, don’t forget to pick your favorite track among the 8 songs above and tell us your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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