5urprise Members Profile (Name, Birthday, Religion and Facts)


About Korean-Actor Group: 5urprise

5urprise (서프라이즈), pronounced Surprise, is a first ever South Korean actor group. They debuted in September 2013 under Fantagio Entertainment and they consist of 5 members, Seo Kang JoonGong Myung, Yoo IlKang Tae Oh and Lee Tae Hwan. They were selected from Fantagio’s “Actor′s League”. It is a program for discovering aspiring actors. They trained for two years before making their debut in the entertainment industry.

5uprise began their debut in acting, not as singers, unlike the other idol groups which began their careers as idol singer and later expanded their talent in acting. They debuted in acting in the mobile drama, “After School; Lucky or Not”, which had 12 fifteen minute long episodesThey played five members of a high school club who encounter an outcast (played by actress Kim So-eun) and as they complete the missions they build a friendship with each other and the shy girl.

They released the single Hey U Come On for the drama’s soundtrack. Pre-debut members also appeared in Hello Venus music videos. They released their first single From My Heart in 2014 titled.

5urprise Seo Kang-joon’s Profile And Facts

Seo Kang Joon

Stage Name : Seo Kang Joon (서강준)

Real Name : Lee Seung Hwan (이승환)

Position : Leader, vocalist, and visual of the group

Birth : Gunpo, Gyeonggi, October 12th 1993

Blood Type: AB

Zodiac : Libra

Height : 183 cm

Weight : 65 kg

Religion: N/A

Fun facts :

  • He graduated from Sanbon High School and Dong Seoul College majoring in Performing Arts
  • He can play the piano
  • His hobbies are horseback riding, playing tennis and golf
  • He joined the SBS variety show ‘Roommate’ season 1 and 2 as a cast member
  • He was part of the cast of the variety show ‘Laws of the Jungle’ in SBS
  • He acted in several dramas such as ‘Entourage’ in 2016, ‘Entertainer’ in 2016 (episode 7), ‘Cheese in the Trap’ in 2016, ‘Hwajung’ in 2015, ‘What Happens to My Family?’ in 2014 until 2015, ‘Cunning Single Lady’ in 2014, ‘The Suspicious Housekeeper’ in 2013 , ‘Good Doctor’ in 2013 (episode 12), and the newest is ‘Are You Human Too?’ in 2017
  • He acted in several movies, including ‘Summer Snow’ in 2015, ‘The Beauty Inside’ in 2015, and ‘My Love, My Bride’ in 2014
  • He got the Hot Star Award at the 8th Korea Drama Awards in 2015 for the drama “Hwajung”
  • He acted in Hello Venus “Venus” MV
  • His ideal type is a girl who looks pretty when she smiles

seo kangjoon
seo kang joon

5urprise Yoo Il’s Profile And Facts

yoo il

Stage Name : Yoo Il

Real Name : Park Sangil (박상일)

Position : Main vocalist

Birth : January 11th 1990

Blood Type: B

Zodiac : Capricorn

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Religion: N/A

Fun Facts :

  • He’s a former member of R-eal
  • His nickname is Car Sangil
  • He is the shortest member of the group along with Kang Tae Oh
  • His hobbies are exercising, fishing, and watching dramas or movies
  • He acted in the dramas such as ‘Monster’ in 2016, ‘You Will Love Me’ in 2015 in and ‘To Be Continued’ in 2015
  • He also acted in several web series like ‘Great Secret 25’ in 2016, ‘After School: Lucky or Not 2’ in 2014, and ‘After School: Lucky or Not’ in 2013
  • He acted in Hello Venus “Venus” MV


yoo il
yoo il

5urprise Gong Myung’s Profile And Facts


Stage Name : Gong Myung

Real Name : Kim Dong Hyun (김동현)

Position : Vocalist

Birth : May 26th 1994

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Gemini

Height : 183 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Religion : N/A

Fun Facts :

  • He has a younger brother, NCT’s Doyoung
  • He graduated from Topyeong High School
  • His hobby is watching movies or dramas
  • He learns Taekwondo
  • He acted in the dramas such as ‘Drinking Solo’ in 2016, ‘Entertainer’ in 2016, ‘Beautiful You’ in 2015 until 2016 ,’Hwajung’ in 2015, ‘Bride of the Water God’ in 2017, ‘Revolutionary Love’ in 2017
  • He acted in movies like ‘Su saek’ in 2016, ‘Futureless Things’ in 2014, ‘A Girl At My Door’ in 2014, and ‘If You Were Me 6’ in 2013
  • He acted in Hello Venus “Venus” MV
  • His ideal type is a girl who is healthy and likes sports
gong myung