List of 5 Best Historical (Sageuk) K-Dramas in 2020!

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5 Best Choices of Sageuk Korean Dramas!

In 2020, there were a lot of amazing K-dramas released within various genres, one of them was sageuk K-dramas! For brief information, sageuk is a genre that portrays South Korean history with various intricacies. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the 5 best sageuk dramas that are worth watching, so stay tuned!

Queen: Love and War

queen love and war k-drama

Queen: Love and War is a historical drama from TV Chosun which combines the fantasy and romance genres! Queen: Love and War portrays cruel competition while selecting a queen during the Joseon Dynasty. There was a forecast that twin children were born in 1985 that would change the world. This made the King give instructions to kill all twin children.

queen love and war k-drama

Kang Eun-gi and Kang Eun-boo who were both played by Jin Seo-yeon are twin sisters who are saved from being killed since they were hidden, but they are separated and live respectively. A few years later, Eun-boo is working in the Buyong Agency. She has to face the truth that Eun-gi was killed, and she decides to follow a competition to become a queen so she can find the killer of her sister.

Kingdom Season 2

kingdom season 2

Kingdom Season 2 was one of the most awaited dramas on Netflix in 2020 since the first season gained a lot of attention in 2019! With the mixture of the historical and thriller genres, Kingdom Season 2 is very worth watching! If Kingdom Season 1 surprised the viewers with a war with zombies, then the second season revealed the untold story from the first season!

kingdom season 2 k-drama

The Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) and the other subordinates struggle to save people from zombie attacks while seizing Mungyeong Saejae where Cho Hak-ju (Ryu Seung-ryeong) maintains his leadership. The situation gets worse since the cold weather means the zombies won’t stop. At the same time, Lee Chang portrays his charisma as the Prince who achieves his goal of improving a pro-people government.

King Maker: The Change of Destiny

king maker the change of destiny k-drama

Do you know that King Maker: The Change of Destiny was adapted from the novel Wind, Clouds, and Tombstone by Lee Byung-joo? It was officially released on May 17, 2020, and has 21 episodes. The drama portrays revenge with a romance story.

Choi Chun-joong (Park Si-hoo), a guy and the best face reader who was born from a wealthy family, falls in love with Lee Bong-ryeon (Ko Seung-hee), a hidden daughter of a psychic and King Cheoljong in Joseon Village. Due to Chun-joong’s special ability, he became the most powerful person in Joseon.

king maker: the change of destiny k-drama

The problems start when Chae In-gyu (Sung Hyuk) hates the relationship between Chun-joong and Bong-ryeon which makes him defame Bong-ryeon’s mother for harming In-gyu’s mother. On the other side, Chun-joong also has a grudge against Kim Byung-woon who had his father killed.

Mr. Queen

mr queen k-drama

Mr. Queen was one of the most popular historical dramas in 2020! So, what is Mr. Queen about? Mr. Queen is a mixture of iconic historical drama with slight comedy which makes the drama quite different from the usual saeguk dramas!

It all starts with Jang Bong-hwan (Choi Jin-hyuk) who works as a chef for the top politicians at the Blue House. One day, he falls into a pool, and suddenly his soul moves to the body of Queen Cheorin (Shin Hye-sun).

mr queen k-drama

Later on, Jang Bong-hwan’s soul starts to continue his life as Queen Cheorin and experiences much rebellion in the Joseon Dynasty. There is also Lee Won-beom (Kim Jung-hyun) the King Cheoljong who is known as an ineffective king with a hidden secret that is later discovered by Queen Cheorin.

Royal Secret Agent

royal secret agent k-drama

Royal Secret Agent is a historical drama with a detective theme that aired on KBS2. For its storyline, the drama tells about the secret royal inspector named Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo) who is assigned by the King to investigate a suspected corruption case. Sung Yi-gyum works alongside Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra), a female inspector, and Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) who is known as Sung Yi-gyum’s servant.

royal secret agent k-drama

Initially, Yi-gyum and Da-in are involved in arguments a lot, but as they get to know each other better, they start to cooperate to do their mission. They even develop romantic feelings as well! The three of Royal Secret Agent undergo a bunch of cases such as looking for secret agent Park Cheol-gu, the mysterious death of Prince Hwiyeong, and other interesting missions!

Why Do People Love Historical Korean Dramas?

mr queen k-drama

Some of you might wonder, why are people fond of Korean historical dramas? First of all, every sageuk drama has an interesting plot even though they mostly use the same concept of the Joseon Dynasty era. Moreover, the conflicts within sageuk dramas are filled with South Korean history with astonishing settings, properties, and even sceneries!

Every now and then, it is also proven that a lot of sageuk dramas become very popular and get the highest ratings such as Dong Yi (2010), Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), Mr. Queen (2020), and more!

That is everything about the 5 best historical K-dramas in 2020! Historical Korean dramas have various concepts and characteristics that make viewers fall in love with the dramas as well. Which one is your favorite sageuk drama? Comment your opinion below and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!