Did 4Ten Member Undergo With Plastic Surgery?

Yun’s Plastic Surgery Rumors


Yun joined 4Ten in 2015 together with HeeO. Despite joining the group late, Yun is doing well as the group’s lead vocalist. Not only is she known for her beautiful vocals, Yun is also known for her beautiful looks. But, there are rumors about Yun undergoing plastic surgery on her eyelids and nose. Still, there are no official statement about it. Before doubting Yun’s looks, look at her no makeup photos below.


Yun is born with a cute and lovely face.


The only official statement about Yun’s surgery is her neck surgery. On September 11, 2016, through a hand-written letter on the groups fancafe, Yun announced that she was soon to get surgery. She explained that she had suffered from neck pain before debuting with 4Ten. The surgery was done on September 27. It went well with Yun recovering without any complications.

Did Hyejin Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Together with Hyeji, Hyejin is one of the original members of 4Ten. In 4Ten, she is not only a sub vocalist and lead dancer, she is also in charge as the face of the group with her outstanding looks. There are still speculations about her plastic surgery. Compared to her earlier days as an idol, Hyejin now looks slimmer. She was a bit chubby back then. Many fans also speculated that she had her nose and jaw done.


It looks like the group’s youngest had a tight diet!


Makeups, diet plan, and work outs can change someone’s physical appearance. 4Ten members’ proportional bodies and beautiful appearances may be natural beauty or the result of those things mentioned above. Still, plastic surgery is a common thing in South Korea. It is not an impossible thing to do for idols. Even though many idols may done that, the most important thing is that they are all beautiful in their own way and they have talent to show us. So, let’s keep supporting them, including 4Ten!