List of 4TEN Albums and Songs


The Hidden Gems of the K-pop World, 4TEN!

4TEN, formerly known as POTEN (포텐), is a South Korean girl group who debuted in 2014 under Jungle Entertainment.  The group name, 4TEN stands for ‘potential blowing up’ or to mean the potential of the group is boundless, taking the base of their name from the word, ‘potential.’ In 2015, the group changed their name to POTEN after having revealed a new line-up with five members; but they later changed their name back to 4TEN after continuing as a quartet. After lineup changes, name changes, and a handful of singles, the group currently consists of four members: Hyeji, Hyejin, Heeo, and Yun.

The group made their official debut stage on Mnet’s M! Countdown on August 28, 2014, and caught interest with their potential. They experienced a bit of a setback with a total of 3 members leaving, but they are continuing to strive forth with the new members now.

4TEN – Tornado (Single Album)


4TEN – Tornado
Release Date : August 26, 2014
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean

Tornado” is 4TEN’s debut single from 2014. It has an insistent keyboard riff along with synth washes and a distinctly lonely feel.

Track List:
01. Tornado

4TEN – Why (Single Album)


4TEN – Why
Release Date : January 5, 2015
Genre : Dance Pop
Language : Korean

The song itself is uplifting, meant to encourage those who listen. On the music video, the girls head over to the bustling city of New York to wander around awestruck by all the sights. They walk through Times Square and the Meatpacking District among other landmarks.

Track List:
01. 왜 이래 (Why?) (What’s Going On?)

POTEN – Go Easy (Single Album)


POTEN – Go Easy
Release Date : July 3, 2015
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean

A few months after “Why” was released, the group reformed to become a 5-member girl group and went by “POTEN” as their new name at the time. Two of the four girls left the group, and 3 new girls joined the original members, Hyeji and Hyejin. The new members are HioYoon, and Hajeong.

Track List:
01. 살살해 (Go Easy)

4TEN Severely MV + 1st mini Album ‘Jack Of All Trades’


Release Date : February 23, 2016
Genre : Dance, Ballad
Language : Korean

Severely” is the title track from the group’s first mini album ‘Jack of All Trades’. On the music video, the girls ‘severely’ take revenge on an ex-boyfriend in the bold & colorful MV.

Track List:
01. 토네이도 (Tornado)
02. 지독하게 (Severely) *Title
03. OOO
04. 왜 이래 (Why) (What’s Going On?)
05. 살살해 (Go Easy)

4TEN New Album


Girl group 4TEN briefly went by the name POTEN, and is known as a very underrated girl group in KPOP world. Like some groups with a similar struggle, they went through some member changes and always made comebacks with varying concepts.

However, for the latest comeback, they caught their fans’ attention by transformed into re-conceptualized versions of Disney princesses for their first mini album ‘Jack Of All Trades‘. On February 2016, the group shared their third set of teaser images on their official Facebook with Heeo as Ariel, Yun as Snow White, Hyeji as Cinderella, and Hyejin as Belle. The photos take advantage of the Disney princesses’ signature props and do a great job of making fans curious about their comeback.

With “Severely” (which is worth listening to), there’s no wonder they got some new fans who wish they must comeback as soon as possible. Let’s just wait patiently for their next move!