4Minute Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Comparison

Did 4Minute Nam Ji Hyun Have Plastic Surgery?

4minute ji hyun

Just like Hyuna, 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun is also accused of having had plastic surgery on her nose. From the picture above, it can be seen that Nam Ji Hyun used to have a not so pretty nose shape, but on the second picture, her nose looks taller and more narrow.

4minute ji hyun

From the picture above, it is pretty hard to assume that Nam Ji Hyun did any surgery on her eyes, because it looks pretty much the same in the before and after picture. Although on the second picture, her eyes look much more beautiful but it could be the effect of makeup. But there are also some people who assume that she had ptosis surgery to pull up her muscles from her droopy eyelids. By doing this, it makes her eyes looks much smaller and sharper.

Did 4Minute Heo Ga Yoon Have Plastic Surgery?


The first photo was taken when Ga Yoon was still in high school, and there is one difference that can be clearly seen. She didn’t have eyelids before.  That is why people assume that she had blepharoplasty to give her double eyelids.


Other than eyelid surgery, people also thought that Ga Yoon had done something with her jaw. From the before and after photos, it can be clearly seen that there is sign of jaw augmentation. On the after photo, Gayoon’s jaw shape is just a perfect in V line, but on the before photo it is not. Because of the V line jaw, Gayoon’s chin also looks much more pointy and sharp.

4minute gayoon

The last makeover that Gayoon could probably have had is nose surgery. Gayoon’s younger self seems to have a fleshy and wide nose, but now Gayoon has a high, small, and pointy nose.

Did 4Minute Jeon Ji Yoon Have Plastic Surgery?


4Minute’s Jeon Ji Yoon used to be an ordinary student back in high school, but now being a Korean idol, she changed a lot. She used to be one with an Asian monolid, but now she has beautiful big eyes with double eyelids. Some suspects that she also increased her eyes’s horizontal length, but some also said that it was done with makeup. Which one do you think is true?

Did 4Minute Kwon So Hyun Have Plastic Surgery?

4Minute’s Kwon So Hyun has gained much popularity ever since she was a child, because she was a member of child girl group named “Orange” when she was just 12 years old.


Because So Hyun was famous when she was younger, people are comparing her photos from back when she was in “Orange” and now after she debuted in 4Minute. So Hyun had a pretty face even when she was just 12 years old, but one thing that was difference back then was her nose. Comparing her before and after photos, So Hyun seems to have had a slim and high nose bridge, that makes people suspect that she had implanted silicone to increase her nose height.

4minute sohyun

As for So Hyun’s eyes, it seems like nothing has been done to them. So Hyun has big, beautiful eyes since she was a child. But of course for now, she put heavy eyeliner to make them look even more pretty. But do you think it is purely because of eyeliner or do you think it is because of eye surgery?