List of 4Minute Best Songs and Albums


Knowing More About 4Minute

Although they officially disbanded in June 2016, 4Minute’s musical reputation can not be ignored or underestimated as they were known for their loud and cool girl crush vibe every time they did a comeback promotion in the Korean music industry. It is not a wonder that some people find that their old songs are still refreshing because 4Minute was one of the idol group pioneers who never followed convention, always stepping up in their music genre. Thus, Channel-Korea will provide all of 4Minute’s Best Albums and Songs during their seven-year career, starting from their debut in 2009 until their last promotion in 2016. So, stay tuned!

4Minute For Muzik Album

4Minute debuted with their first mini-album titled ‘For Muzik’ on 31 August 2009 in which most of the tracks are composed by Shinsadong Tiger. There are three promoted title tracks in this album, namely ‘Hot Issue’, ‘Muzik’, and ‘What a Girl Wants’ in which the early two tracks were charting at #20 and #21 respectively on Melon Chart Yearly 2009 chart as their estimated digital sales have reached 4,000,000. Not only those three songs, ‘For Muzik’ also includes other side tracks, namely ‘For Muzik (intro)’, ‘Funny’, and ‘Won’t Give You’. Here you may listen to ‘Funny’ which you can find on 4Minute’s ‘For Muzik’ album.

4Minute Hit Your Heart Album

4Minute came back with the second mini-album titled ‘Hit Your Heart’ on 19 May 2010. Unlike their previous album, 4Minute only promoted two title track ‘HuH’, which debuted at number five on Gaon Digital Chart, and ‘I My Me Mine’ which had a promotion period that started on 1 July 2010. ‘Hit Your Heart’ also contains other side tracks, such as ‘Who’s Next? (featuring boy group BEAST)’, ‘Invitation’, ‘Bababa’, ‘Highlight’, and ‘Cool and Natural’. Here you may listen to ‘Invitation’ which you can find on 4Minute’s ‘Hit Your Heart’ album.

4Minute Diamond Album

4Minute ventured their career to the neighboring country, Japan, by releasing their first Japanese album titled ‘Diamond’ on 15 December 2010. The album was released in two editions, including a regular CD and limited CD + DVD. ‘Diamond’ charted at #27 in the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 7,060 copies and includes the Japanese version of almost all 4Minute’s released songs and new Japanese songs, namely ‘Hide & Seek’, ‘Can’t Make Up My Mind’, ‘First’, ‘Already Gone’, and ‘December’. Here you may listen to ‘Can’t Make Up My Mind’ which you can find on 4Minute’s ‘Diamond’ album.

4Minute 4Minutes Left Album

After releasing two mini-album, 4Minute finally released their first full-length album titled ‘4Minutes Left’ on 5 April 2011. Just like their promotion during ‘Hit Your Heart’, 4Minute promoted two title tracks, namely ‘Heart to Heart’ which comes from their maxi-singles and the album’s title track ‘Mirror Mirror’. The album ‘4Minutes Left’ also includes other new songs and the Korean version of songs from the ‘Diamond’ album, such as ‘4Minutes Left (intro)’, ‘Sweet Suga Honey!’, ‘Pretend’, ‘You Know’, ‘Already Gone’, ‘First’, ‘Hide & Seek’, and ‘Badly’. Here you may listen to ‘Sweet Suga Honey!’ which you can find on 4Minute’s ‘4Minutes Left’ album.