4Minute Involved in Several Accidents: with a Car, on Stage, and with Fans




Accidents of K-Pop Group

We don’t know when we will get into an accident. It could happen when the group is performing or when they are not performing. It also can be caused by fans, staff or the idols themselves. Usually accidents that happened to the K-Pop group are usually caused by fans when they watch the performances, their staff or when they driving. The accident could be very dangerous and cause death or just an injury. Now, let’s take a look 4Minute accidents from their fans and their staff.

4Minute On Stage and Fans Accident


The accident was at an outdoor pop concert in Seongnam, south of Seoul on Friday October 17th. About 700 people gathered to watch the performance which was a part of the concert in Pangyo Techno Valley. They were performing on stage when the fans were trying to see them closer to the stage, so the fans began to push one another and also climb the grate. As they began pushing each other, the ventilation grate collapsed. The television reported that 25 people fell 10 to 20 meters into an underground parking area when the grate collapsed.

“They were standing on the ventilation grate to get a better view of the performances when it collapsed under their weight.” a spokesman for the local fire services told AFP.


Sixteen people were confirmed dead in place and nine others were reported with serious injuries. But the people who were dead might rise because some of them were injured and in critical condition.

When the accident happened, the members were unaware about it and continued perform for a while. They released a statement about the accident via billboard from their company.They shared their concerns for their audience and their regret about the deaths while clarifying that the group was unaware of the accident while performing on stage.

“We can’t express how regretful they were for what happened, The performance wasn’t  a 4Minute solo show, but the stage was shared for many artists for an event. During their performance, none of the members or staff were aware of the accident and finished their complete set. It wasn’t until they arrived back in Seoul that they heard of the news regarding the accident. We hope the audience wasn’t hurt in this accident.” stated their company, CUBE Entertainment.


4Minute Car Accident

Another accident that involved 4Minute was a car accident. The members involved in the car accident were on their way to attend and perform at  Gyeonggido Osan Citizen’s Celebration on September 15th.

Their agency Cube Entertainment announced, “4minute was involved in a car accident around a highway in Gyeonggi province at 7:30 PM KST. They were on the way to attend their schedule at Osan City. Thankfully no one was seriously injured and the members have been sent to the hospital for further examinations. We want to apologize to about 10.000 fans who have been waiting for their artist to attend the concert.”