30 Facts About the Disbanding of Ladies’ Code

  1. On September 4 at 3:46 AM (Korean Time), EunB’s mother held her chest firmly, raised her head, and tried hard to hold back her tears.
  2. How does anyone cope with the loss of their own child? But EunB’s mother managed to say “thank you.” She also added that EunB was a happy child and that she accomplished her dreams before she passed away.
  3. There was no one as kind as EunB’s mother was. Even while coping with the loss of her own daughter, it was revealed that she was also worrying about RiSe’s condition. Polaris Entertainment revealed exactly what EunB’s mother said, “RiSe will be alright. Don’t worry. Our EunB will protect RiSe before she leaves.”
  4. RiSe is currently in critical condition. They say it’s a miracle that she is even breathing at the moment. Before the emergency respondents came to the scene, she stopped breathing at least 3 times. In addition, her brain was swollen and oxygen wasn’t even reaching the brain properly.
  5. Lee Jong Guk was what the drama Golden Hour was based on, right? He works at the Aju University Hospital Trauma Centre and took on RiSe’s surgery. This professor was known as the ‘Hero of Gulf of Aden’ when he saved Captain Seok. But, even for him, he took on a challenge with a 0.01% chance of winning. We can now only hope for that 0.01% of a miracle to happen.
  6. Lee Sojung was also at the same hospital. After hearing about the accident, Sojung’s mother quickly made her way to the hospital. Of course, Sojung’s injuries are severe as well. But, even Sojung’s mother worried about RiSe after hearing that her own daughter was okay. “Sojung will be at least okay. I can take care of her, so please take care of RiSe first. No really, Sojung is okay. Before RiSe’s mother makes her way, please protect her.”
  7. But RiSe was not showing any signs to waking up. This Chuseok, RiSe was said to be planning a Hong Kong trip with her parents who live in Japan, the parents that RiSe missed so much. The location they met was in the ICU of a hospital in Suwon.
  8. Ladies’ Code’s last scheduled activity before the accident was KBS’s Open Concert. After attending the recording of the show in Daegu, they were returning back home. Their schedule wasn’t too hectic. On that day, that was the only activity schedules, and even after, there was nothing else planned.
  9. The freeway roads were extremely slippery due to rain, and the vehicle’s back tire fell off. How could the world be so cruel? One thing that made this situation even sadder is that Ladies’ Code’s usual vehicle is actually a Kia Carnival and not a Hyundai StarEx.
  10. Yes, Ladies’ Code’s vehicle is originally a Kia Carnival. But, when the car was in for maintenance before their activity in Daegu, the car came across a problem. Due to this, they rented the Hyundai StarEx and left their original vehicle at the car rental store. The StarEx was just a rental, and it was Ladies’ Code’s first time traveling in this vehicle.
  11. This is what makes Eunb’s passing and RiSe’s situation more heartbreaking and sad. But, what the entertainment company officials are even more heartbroken about is their last business dinner meeting together. They can’t seem to forget the day when Ladies’ Code celebrated the termination of their group on August 30th.
  12. Ladies’ Code made a comeback with their single “Kiss Kiss” back on August 7th. They all knew it was going to be their last time performing on stage together. Their album sales weren’t great, but it has been known that they were all satisfied with the results. They cheered each other on to continue their last album together with no regrets.
  13. During this business dinner, EunB was the most excited and active. It is because EunB saw the potential for Ladies’ Code to stick together and succeed. She found the new hope that was needed. In that instance, here is what EunB told everyone half jokingly and half seriously that night: “We did really great, right? Even after this album, Ladies’ Code is going to continue on. Nobody is going to give up and say ‘I’m fine, thank you,’ Okay? This is not our last try, right? Ladies’ Code fighting~”
  14. The entertainment company officials teared up again as they thought about that night. And, this was when, at late daybreak, they played the song “I’m Fine Thank you” next to EunB’s portrait.
  15. After the accident, Polaris Entertainment released a music video for “I’m Fine Thank You” on September 15, 2014, as a tribute to EunB and RiSe.
  16. Ladies’ Code released their third mini-album on October 13, 2016, called Strang3r (스트레인저). The title track is “The Rain”. The album’s peak chart position was number 16, and it sold more than 2,227 copies in South Korea.
  17. Ladies’ Code made a comeback with 3 members at Mnet’s M!Countdown on October 13, 2016, by singing the song “The Rain”.
  18. Ladies’ Code hasn’t disbanded yet. They are continuing the group as 3 members.