20 Facts About N.Flying’s Debut Stage in Korea

Former Trainee from Produce 101 Season 2 Joins N.Flying


N.Flying previously debuted with a 4-member formation in 2013, but by 2017, N.FLying decided to change their formation by adding 1 member. Yoo Hoe-Seung is the fifth member of N.Flying who joined in 2017 after competing on Produce 101 Season 2.

Many pros and cons were talked about regarding the entry of Yoo Hoe-Seung as a member of N.Flying. He was eliminated from the show when he came in at No. 39 when the top 35 was announced.

After FNC Entertainment stated that Hoe-seung has become a member of N.Flying, he wrote his feelings on his social media:

“Hello, this is Yoo Hoe Seung. I have joined N.Flying’s family and will greet you all as an N.Flying member. I am feeling cautious because this news may come suddenly to the fans, but I have wanted this opportunity since I became a trainee and throughout my participation on ‘Produce 101 Season 2.’ Rather than coming all of a sudden to me, I have worked with the N.Flying members before and they took care of me when I was nothing but a raw trainee and helped me mature so I could greet you all like this.”

He continued, “Some people might be worried, some people might be happy, and some people might have various thoughts about this, but I am very happy to be a member of N.Flying. Thank you to the people who supported me and waited for me, as well as N.Fia [N.Flying’s fan club], and I will work hard to show everyone a good side of myself. I think I am standing at a new starting line. I am lacking in a lot of areas and may be awkward at first, but I have confidence that I can show great things with the N.Flying members. Soon, I will be able to show you this not only in words but through music. Thank you!”

Let’s always give support to Yoo Hoe-Seung as an N.Flying member!

First Impressions of Yoo Hoe-seung from N.Flying Members


At one event, N.Flying members revealed their first impressions of Yoo Hoe-Seung after he joined in 2017. Kwon Kwang-Jin explains how naturally Yoo Hoe-Seung became a part of the group, saying, “We’ve been promoting as four members for a long time, so getting a new member might not be great news to us. When I first met Hoe Seung, I walked up to him first and talked to him about lots of things. From then on, it feels like we’ve always been five members. That’s how things turned out.”

The members then revealed their first impressions of Yoo Hoe-Seung. Kwon Kwang-Jin said, “When we first met, it was a cold day, and he was wearing his dad’s padded jacket. Trainees usually pay a lot of attention to their appearance, but Hoe Seung did not seem to do that, so I was curious about him,” while Lee Seung-Hyub shared, “He had the vibe of an innocent boy who just came to Seoul from the countryside, just like me when I first entered the agency.” Kim Jaehyun explained, “The only thought I had was there was someone younger than me now. I was the youngest one for six years, and now there’s someone younger than me. I thought about what I should do to treat him well.”

Lastly, Cha-Hoon revealed that he asked Hoe Seung to sing, and commented, “He was really good. I’m actually more of a fan of metal, so musically, Hoe Seung and I are a bit different. But a week after that, I could see that Hoe Seung was trying hard to fit into the band. He made his voice tone stronger to make it match with the band. I really appreciated that.”

In fact, Hoe-Seung disclosed that “I had never danced until I joined ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ and I do not think it’s for me. I did not feel very happy while dancing, and I like doing this singing in a band much better. I am N.Flying, and ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ was a great experience and a starting point.”

For the first time in his life, Yoo Hoe-Seung was promoting on music shows. He smiled brightly as he said, “I love promoting with our members. When I go to music shows, it feels like I’ve made a girlfriend because our fans are there when we perform. Now that I know that my fans will be there, I look in the mirror and groom myself one more time. It’s exciting and fun. ”