20 Facts About N.Flying’s Debut Stage in Korea


N.Flying: The New Wings

N.Flying is a South Korean band under FNC Entertainment. As we know, many famous bands in South Korea are under FNC Entertainment, including CNBLUE and FTISLAND. N.Flying debuted in 2013 with a 4-member formation, namely Kwang-Jin, Seung-Hyub, Cha Hun, and Kim Jae-Hyun. But, by 2017, N.Flying received a new member from Produce 101 Season 2, trainee Hoe-Seung. N.Flying’s formation now includes 5 members.

The band released their first digital indie single Basket in Japan on October 1, 2013. The band made their Korean debut on May 20, 2015, with the single album and promotional track Awesome. Their fan club name is N.Fia, a combination of the words ‘N.Flying’ and ‘utopia’. It means that the band and their fans will fly together towards the utopia of their ideal music. Let’s look at some interesting facts about N.Flying!

N.Flying’s Debut Stage

N.Flying made its official debut in Korea with “Awesome.” On May 19, 2015, FNC Entertainment released the music video teaser for “Awesome.” A day later, FNC Entertainment released the full music video features of AOA’s Kim Seolhyun as the lead role. Let’s watch this music video and debut stage of N.Flying!

N.Flying’s debut stage on M!Countdown!

Kwang-Jin Is a Former Member of CNBLUE


Apparently, the bassist of N.Flying, Kwon Kwang-Jin, is a former bassist of CNBLUE. Previously, CNBLUE debuted in 2009 with a 4-member formation, namely Yong-Hwa, Min-Hyuk, Jong-Hyun, and Kwang-Jin. But, after a year of debuting with CNBLUE, Kwon Kwang-Jin decided to leave and was later replaced by Lee Jung-Shin. Even Jung-Shin said, “Kwang-Jin used to be a CNBLUE member, but I replaced him due to individual problems. I feel sad enough to cry.”

When asked why Kwang-Jin left CNBLUE, he said that there were too many musical differences involved, whether it was the style of the songs or the genre.

He also said that he was a trainee the longest out of all the CNBLUE members and that he could barely debut if it were not for the younger trainees who had less experience than him (Yong-Hwa). He joined the band N.Flying which promoted their work at Japanese clubs early in their career in 2013; they officially debuted in the Korean market in 2015.

While a member of CNBLUE, Kwon Kwang-Jin had long hair which caused many people to mock him. Maybe he was hurt because of this and finally decided to back away from the group until he could find a better place.

Kwang-Jin seems very happy and more comfortable in N.Flying. Let’s give lots of support and love for Kwang-Jin!

Kwang-Jin Trained Longer Than Other Members


Kwang-Jin stated that he trained longer than any other N.Flying member, which he revealed on a variety show in 2015.

Kwang-Jin said, “I was a trainee for 10 years. I came before Jung Yong Hwa sunbaenim.” Of course, his statement surprised everyone.