2Yoon’s Discography: Album and Songs


2Yoon’s Discography

2Yoon is the only sub-group of 4Minute formed by Cube Entertainment in 2013. The group consists of 4Minute’s lead singer Gayoon and Jiyoon. The group formed after the CEO of Cube Entertainment, Hong Seung-Sung, watched their duo performance at 2011 United Cube in London. They were known as “Ssangyoon” and had already appeared on MBC’s Weekly Idol with that name, but they changed the name right after the recording. Let’s learn more about 2Yoon’s songs!

2Yoon’s Debut Album Harvest Moon

2yoon debut album

2Yoon’s Harvest Moon album was their debut album and their only album in the history of the duo. The album released on January 22, 2013. The album was highly praised during that era because it was the first K-pop album to release a country-inspired track.

2Yoon’s Harvest Moon Song Tracklist

2yoon 24/7

2Yoon’s Harvest Moon album consists of 5 songs including the title track 24/7. The title track of the album was iconic for their dance and their concept during music shows. During its release, the title track was ranked 8 on the chart. The music video was released on January 16, 2013.

Harvest Moon’s Tracklist
No Tracklist
1 [Title Track ] 24/7
2 Nightmare (Feat Jung Il-Hoon BTOB)
3 Why Not
4 SeSeSe (Feat Kikaflo)
5 Black Swan (Feat Nassun)


Has 2Yoon Released Other Songs After Harvest Moon?

2yoon - ice cream

Unfortunately, the duo group 2Yoon disbanded along with the main group 4Minute in 2016. They didn’t release any songs after the album Harvest Moon and didn’t have any plans to make a comeback before 4Minute disbanded. After the group disbanded, Gayoon and Jiyoon began pursuing their solo careers in the K-pop entertainment industry with other agencies.