Do You Know 2PM’s Member Ok Taecyeon? Here Is His Full Profile from Abs to Latest News!

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All About 2PM Member Ok Taecyeon

Ok Taecyeon is a Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. He is well known for being in the boy group 2PM. Ok Taecyeon debuted as a member of 2PM through Mnet’s Hot Blood Men which follows the extreme training of 13 trainees in order to become a member of the boy band One Day. One Day separated the trainees into two boy bands, 2AM and 2PM. As a multi-talented singer, Ok Taecyeon always gains the world’s attention in every news story he is a part of. Let’s get to know about Ok Taecyeon.

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Full Profile and Facts

Taecyeon profile


Real Name: Ok Taecyeon

Birthday: December 27, 1988

Origin: Busan, South Korea

Education: Dankook University (BS), Korea University Graduate School of International Studies (MS)

Height: 185 cm

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Entrepreneur

Years Active: 2008 – Present

Agency: JYP Entertainment | 51K

Social Media: @otaecyonk | @taeccool


  1. He had a huge crush on actress Park Shin-hye.
  2. He went to a high school in Massachusetts.
  3. His family once immigrated to Bedford, Massachusetts, when he was 10 and lived there for 7 years.
  4. His sister is the one who suggested to him to audition for JYP Entertainment.
  5. He has his own business named Ok Cat.
  6. He used to be known as a fashion terrorist.
  7. He has a big scar from a surgery on his left arm because his arm muscles expanded momentarily during an arm wrestle with 2PM’s Junho in 2012 which ended up fracturing the bone.
  8. He once said that he wants to get married at the age of 27.
  9. He likes to wear bright colored clothes.
  10. Taecyeon actually is good at cooking.
  11. He once collaborated with soloist Baek Ji-young in a song title “Candy in My Ears”. The collaboration between them became a hot topic even now.

What Is Ok Taecyeon’s Religion?

Taecyeon religion

Among 2PM members, Ok Taecyeon and Lee Junho are both Christian. The other 2PM members are known as Buddhists. Although he was once seen at Bada’s marriage at a Catholic church on March 23, 2017, there is no proof about his religion being anything other than Christian.

Ok Taecyeon’s Hairstyles over Time

taecyeon hairstyle

It is very common for every idol in entertainment industries to have various hairstyles at every event. As a member of 2PM, Ok Taecyeon should have a different hairstyle for every comeback as a singer and also for starring in dramas or movies. Here are several pictures of Ok Taecyeon’s hairstyles over the years.


taecyeon predebut hairstyle
Taecyeon hairstyle predebut

Sweptback Hairstyle

Samurai Hairstyle

Red IDORI Hairstyle

How Tall Is Ok Taecyeon?

taecyeon and 2PM

Nominated as one of the tallest idols in the Korean entertainment industry, his height is 185 cm. No wonder, all of 2PM’s members are so tall. The shortest height in 2PM is 178 cm.

The Secret of Ok Taecyeon’s Abs

taecyeon abs

All 2PM members are known to have perfect abs since their debut until now. Through 2PM of 2PM Arena tour 2015 DVD Limited Edition, there is a clip that shows Taecyeon training at a gym along with other 2PM members. He works hard on building his body and keeping it fit. So, no wonder he has perfect and amazing abs!

Ok Taecyeon’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Taecyeon before after surgery

Taecyeon has been recognized by the public for having plastic surgeries that he never confirmed around his nose and eyes. According to his pre-debut photo being compared by the public, his nose had a shorter bridge and his nostrils were pinched and wider while his eyes had double eyelids which looked so strained with low sitting eyebrows. These are all different from now with his nose having a sharp bridge with smooth and refined nasals and his eyes being stretched and looking open and smoother.

Ok Taecyeon’s Dating Rumors

taecyeon dating

There are so many dating rumors that come to Taecyeon. He has been caught in rumors with Jessica, ex-Girls’ Generation member, because of his own statement on a variety show regarding his past girlfriend. He also has a dating rumor with Yuko Oshima, a former member of AKB48, in Japan since they often talk during 2PM concerts backstage. There is also a rumor with Yoona of Girls’ Generation because they have the same rings that look like couple rings. And, the last is with Kim Soo-hyun because of their strong chemistry during drama filming. All of the rumors have been denied by his previous agency, JYP Entertainment, and other related agencies.

Who Is Ok Taecyeon’s Girlfriend?

Taecyeon girlfriend

Although Taecyeon has a lot of dating rumors, his is currently said to be single. There is no related news about him having a relationship with any girl since he is currently serving in the military.

List of Ok Taecyeon’s Dramas

taecyeon Dream High

Taecyeon made his acting debut through KBS2’s drama Cinderella’s Sister in 2010. Although his debut was just as a supporting role, Taecyeon gained many roles as the lead actor afterward. His first acting as the lead role was through KBS2’s drama Dream High in 2011. Taecyeon gained a lot of popularity not only in Korea but also worldwide for his appearance. Taecyeon starred in several popular TV dramas and web series such as tvN’s Let’s Fight Ghost and 7 First Kisses. Here is the list of Ok Taecyeon’s dramas until now.

List of Taecyeon’s dramas
Year Drama Title Network Role
2010 Cinderella’s Sister KBS2 Han Jung-woo (Supporting Role)
2011 Dream High Jin Gook / Hyun Shi-hyuk (Lead Role)
Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Fuji TV Tae-sung (Supporting Role)
2013 Who Are You? tvN Cha Gun-woo (Lead Role)
2014 Wonderful Days KBS2 Kang Dong-hee (Lead Role)
2015 Assembly Kim Kyu-hwan (Lead Role)
2016 Let’s Fight, Ghost tvN Park Bong-pal (Lead Role)
Home Sweet Home KBS2 Taecyeon (Cameo)
Touching You Naver TV Cast Do Jin-woo
7 First Kisses Ok Taec-yeon (Ep/ 5 – 6)
2017 Save Me OCN Han Sang-hwan (Lead Role)
You Are Closer Than I Think KBS2 Kang Sung-min’s friend (Cameo)


List of Ok Taecyeon’s Movies

Taecyeon movie

Taecyeon first acted in a movie with Marriage Blue in 2013. Although most of his acting appearances are in dramas, Taecyeon, fortunately, starred on another movie titled House of the Disappeared in 2017. Here is the list of Ok Taecyeon’s movies.

List of Taecyeon’s movies
Year Movie Title Role
2013 Marriage Blue Won-chul
2017 House of the Disappeared Priest Choi


Latest News from Ok Taecyeon

taecyeon before enlistment

Taecyeon is currently serving his military service since September 4, 2017, as an active duty soldier. He completed his basic military training on October 18 the following year and was placed in the 9th Infantry division in Gyeonggi Province as a military instruction assistant.

Taecyeon in army

During his military service, he participated in various 2018 Winter Olympics events as one of the volunteers under the command of the Ministry of National Defense (South Korea). Taecyeon hosted many cultural shows and concerts and performed as a member of 2PM at the Olympic headliner show.