Do You Know 2PM’s Member Nichkhun? Here Is His Full Profile from Girlfriend to Abs!

Nichkhun on We Got Married with f(x) Victoria


On March 4, 2010, there was a rumor of Nichkhun being cast in We Got Married, even naming T-Ara’s Eunjung as his partner. But then JYP Entertainment stated that they were forced to decline the offer due to his busy schedule. But later on, on June 1 2010, We Got Married announced additional cast members, pairing up Nichkhun with f(x) Victoria.

This couple, was called “Khuntoria”, was loved by many. Many fans shipped them and wanted them to date for real. On the show, they always looked lovely together, and the show often showed how Nichkhun treated her well, and showed his love to her as if what they had was real. So it’s no wonder that many people were hoping that outside WGM, they dated in real life.


But sadly the couple’s pretend relationship ended on September 17, 2011. That day was their last broadcast. As their marriage life came to an end, they spent their last day together and reflected on their past 456 days of memories and seemed reluctant to let go, as they both shed tears. Nichkhun who fought hard to not let his tears dropped, looked back to their house saying, “Since we can still meet in the future and laugh together, I don’t want to break up crying.”

Through a video message, Nichkhun told his wife Victoria, “I think this will be my last video message to you. I’m so happy that I was able to spend the last 456 days with you. Though we fought every once in a while and you would hit me, they were all precious memories to me. Even if we’re unable to meet often in the future, be careful and think of me every once in a while. It’s not illegal, so you can think of me often. I’ve been very happy during our time together and I really enjoyed it.

Victoria also reflected back on the first time she met Nichkhun, she expressed, “I keep thinking of the past. Memories are flying past as if it was a movie reel. This really feels weird, I feel like something is pricking my heart.

On one of the episode of Strong Heart, Nichkhun revealed that he often wanted his time on WGM to not just be for the show. So, Nichkhun admitted that he would be happy if Victoria were his real girlfriend. When it was Victoria’s turn to appear on Strong Heart, she was asked how she thought about Nichkhun’s statement.

She confessed, “Honestly, I’m happy” When she was asked about the possibility of them actually dating, she replied, “He’s charismatic and has manners, plus he’s handsome. If such a guy were to be your boyfriend, who would say no?“. She also added after their WGM ended, they still contacted each other, she was stated “When we’re performing at the same venue, we text each other to be careful on stage.”, which made all the audiences screamed in both envy and joy.

Nichkhun and SNSD’s Tiffany

nichkhun and tiffany

On March 2014, the two of them were spotted at an Asian fusion restaurant. Though they were being very careful to not be seen and draw attention, their affection towards each other apparently can’t be hidden that much longer. According to the report, Tiffany and Nichkhun seemed very happy, since they always laughing.

nichkhun and tiffany

According to an insider, “Nichkhun and Tiffany were friendly even before their debuts. From what I know, they have been dating for 4 months. Because of their familiarity with American culture, they went from friends to lovers as they were able to support each other in difficult times.

Both their agencies, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment confirmed that these two indeed were dating. A representative from SM Entertainment told Mydaily News, “After being friends, the two grew closer to become lovers.“. The same went for JYP Entertainment who told TV Report, “As the reports say, Nichkhun and Tiffany have been dating for 4 months now. Please look towards them kindly.

But after 1 year and 5 months, a rumor spread that they have broken up and the rumor turned out to be true! A source close to the two revealed that the two broke up and had already told all their close friends. When they were asked “why?”, they just said that they couldn’t find the time to see each other due to their busy schedules. They both have been working overseas for so long, and working on their comebacks. So they gradually drifted apart and broken up on good terms.

Representatives from SM and JYP Entertainment both confirmed that it was true, saying “When we confirmed with them, they said it’s true they’ve broken up.“.

Of course the fans who supported them were sad about this news, but let’s just wish for the best for these amazing people!

Did Nichkhun Have Plastic Surgery?


In South Korea plastic surgery is not gender biased, whether it’s a girl or boy, they both could get plastic surgery. Since the beauty standard in South Korea is pretty high, both women and men would try to look as good looking as they could be.

The standard is higher when you are an idol, so it is no wonder that some of the popular idols have undergone some treatment before, in order to make them look better in people’s eyes and camera. But did the prince of 2PM have some job done to his face?


And the answer is no! Like, seriously, after seeing these 2 photos it’s obvious that he just got all the good genes from his parents. His baby face is still there although he’s getting older. This guy just never ages…

On the episode of Happy Together with Park Jin-young, the MCs complimented him saying that he has got such pretty nose and asked if he underwent some procedure, but he just smiled and said, “No, my mom gave it to me.

Even on the episode of MBC Every1’s ‘Star Photo’, he came out on top as the best looking idol among 30 of the best looking idols. The director of a cosmetic surgery, Kim Young Sung, pointed out the top 30 idols who debuted after they year 2000. And for the ranking itself, the show consulted staff members, experts, and viewers who all took part in the evaluation of the stars based on their visuals.

Nichkhun’s Abs


Every 2PM members are famous for their beast and manly side, as well their perfect bodies. Of course that includes Nichkhun too. Despite his baby face that we all love, he has the manly and charismatic side of him. He also has one of the best bodies and abs among the members of 2PM.

So without further ado, let’s enjoy some of these photos!


Nichkhun Now


Nichkhun is still keeping himself busy by starring in dramas in his home country, Thailand. On 2017 Nichkhun updated his fans on what he’s been up to, “I was overseas. Last month, I went to a prayer ceremony for ‘Brother & Sister’ in Thailand and also went to Japan and China for a fan meeting and awards ceremony respectively. These days, I’ve been spending my days between Thailand, China, and Japan. Because I’m not as active in Korea right now, people ask if I was retired, but I didn’t.

And since as of now Taecyeon has enlisted in the military, the other members except Nichkhun would be enlisting this year soon. So right now, apart from dramas, he’s also doing variety shows in Korea, with Galieo: Awakened Universe and Team Chef. Also on July 3, 2018, he stated at his event to promote his Thai romance comedy, Brother of The Year, that there is a possibility of his solo release. “I don’t have an exact date yet, but it should come out within this year.”

So who is excited for his solo release and his other projects? Let’s keep supporting and waiting for great news to come!