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Get to Know 2PM

The world noticed them when they released the song “Put Your Hands Up,” but 2PM are one of the most popular boy bands in South Korea. They have many fans all around the world called HOTTEST. Anything about 2PM will be interesting to know.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of information so that you can get up close and personal with 2PM members: Jun.K’s drunk driving incident, facial paralysis, and plastic surgery, Taecyeon’s return from the military service, his new Instagram account, Junho’s enlistment in the military, his latest K-Drama Confession, Nickhun’s appearance in Arthdal Chronicles, his solo concert, hints about 2PM’s comeback, Chansung’s enlistment in the military, playing a cameo in Touch Your Heart, Wooyoung’s enlistment in the military, birthday celebration at the military camp.



Kim Min-jun, or better known as 2PM’s Jun.K, is the main vocalist and the older brother in the South Korean boy band under JYP Entertainment, 2PM. He is one of the talented people in the music and entertainment industry who is famous as a singer, songwriter, record producer, rapper, dancer, and actor.

Drunk Driving


It was revealed that one of the members of 2PM, Jun.K, was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on February 10th, 2018, around 7 a.m. KST.

Reports revealed that he was found having a blood alcohol content level of 0.074 percent which is enough to have one’s license suspended by the police. He was driving alone at the time. A source from Gangnam Police Station said that Jun.K did not resist the police who were checking on potential drunk drivers and his manager came to pick up his car later.

On February 13th, 2018, at the same time when the news came out, 2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment released an official statement addressing the matter. Their statement is as below:

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We sincerely apologize for our artist Kim Min Jun (Jun.K)’s drunk driving. Kim Min Jun himself is deeply regretful and reflecting. Moving forward, all of his activities will be halted and we will respect the intentions of our overseas partners and companies we have contracts with. Our company regularly educates our celebrities about how to prevent drunk driving and we have an appointed designated driver service that we have been using since 2014. Also, the company pays for the costs of using the designated driver service in full. Nevertheless, we realize our responsibility in this occurring and we will improve upon and consider more effective preventative measures. Once again we deeply apologize.”

Jun-K himself posted his apology letter on 2PM’s official fan cafe on the same day:

“This is Minjun (Jun-K). Firstly, I’m so sorry that I’ve come to write to you because of something like this. My decision at the moment was immature. I know how big of a deal driving under the influence is, but with this mistake, I’m looking back on myself and deeply reflecting on my actions. To the fans who trust and love me as well as to my members, I sincerely apologize for causing disappointment.”

Facial Paralysis


During his military training, 2PM’s Jun.K was reported of having a facial nerve paralysis. JYP Entertainment has now issued a full statement to reassure fans. The agency has confirmed that the reports were false.

“Hello. This is JYPE. We are writing to convey news after checking with the army unit and Jun.K himself. After Jun.K entered the training academy, he felt pain in his shoulder, and so he went to the armed forces hospital and received treatment and a prescription. However, other than that, he is currently going through training in good health with no issues. He enlisted in May and was selected among fellow recruits to be a platoon leader recruit. He has been achieving great results including in his written exam, so he has been given the opportunity to call the members as well, and is overall living a model military life. We thank the fans who have been worried about Jun.K and are always supporting him. Thank you.”

On June 7th, news outlet Sports Kyunghyang reported that Jun.K, who is currently undergoing military training at a recruit training center in Gangwon Province, had developed facial nerve paralysis in the lower right side of his face. According to the reports, Jun.K first began to notice the symptoms in his chin during training, and they worsened shortly afterward.

Later that same day, JYP Entertainment stated, “Because this incident occurred within the military, it’s currently difficult even for us to confirm the situation. Once we are able to confirm [what happened], we will let you know.”

Plastic Surgery


After the news about Jun.K’s facial nerve paralysis was spread during his military training, speculations rose, however, as it was discovered that the 2PM singer underwent plastic surgery on his jaw a month before he enlisted. It left fans to question if the sudden facial paralysis was a direct complication of his surgery.

JYP Entertainment clarified the reports and claimed he actually experienced pain in his shoulder, not his chin. However, based on the latest report on his cosmetic surgery, it’s assumed he’s currently experiencing side effects of the procedure.



2PM’s charismatic main rapper, Taecyeon, has a bright smile and a handsome face. He is not only a singer, but also a rapper, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. The latest hot news about Taecyeon is about him not renewing his contract with JYP Entertainment but signing a new contract with 51K Entertainment on July 25th, 2018. However, even though he moved to another agency, Taecyeon is still a member of 2PM.

Return From The Military Service


On May 16th, 2019, 2PM’s Taecyeon officially completed his mandatory military service after enlisting in the military on September 4th, 2017.

Over 500 fans were in attendance to show their support for Taecyeon, and many of the fans were foreigners. He took a moment to thank all the fans who had shown up as he said, “First, I want to thank my fans waiting for me. I didn’t know this many people would come today. I promise to return soon with something good.” Taecyeon also showed his appreciation for all of the fans who attended by providing a coffee truck for them!

During his meeting with the reporters who attended, he explained just how much he missed his fellow 2PM members.

He said, “I couldn’t keep in touch with two of the members (Jun.K and Wooyoung) as they are also in the military. I will meet with Nichkhun later. I did see Chansung during my service. The members came to visit often. Junho was so busy with his dramas and tours that he didn’t come once though. I missed the 2PM members. There are 2 members in the military right now but I really missed the others. I hope all of our beloved members can get together soon and show off our cool image.”

However, his fellow 2PM member Chansung was there to greet him, and the two exchanged big smiles and warm greetings when they saw each other. Taecyeon is the first 2PM member who has completed his military service.

New Instagram Account


Taecyeon is taking back control of his online profiles following a statement he made about an individual who was allegedly harassing both him and his fellow 2PM members.

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Welcome to my instagram!

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He explained his decision to set up a personal account in the bio description of his Instagram. “So the stalker kept making Instagram accounts with my email address, I’ve decided to make a real Instagram account,” the K-Pop star wrote. His account name, @taecyeonokay, is a play on his full name in Korean: Ok Taecyeon.